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Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by rustbucket, Jul 3, 2016.

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    Obviously without seeing this bus I know it's virtually impossible to say. But what would you budget if you were buying this bus? Don't worry I haven't! Just trying to get an idea what a garage might charge for this kind of work.
  2. Depends, most of that is tinkering but the rust you'd have to see. Worth bearing in mind the rust fails are just that, it does NOT mean that the rest of the bus is rust free.
  3. From his highlighting of the spot welded sill which is not a problem, knowing it was going to fail, the tester has gone for it with both barrels. This bus probably needs a good going over in all departments.
  4. Funny enough in the description the seller says pretty much the same thing. Lesson learned for him I guess. Take your 40yr old vehicle to a garage/testing station that understands 40 yr old vehicles. Not a high st exhaust fitters.

    To a novice that looks like a frightening certificate. My first thought was ££££££££££££££££!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. body or chassis has inadequate repair ,means that someone has had a go at repairing and probably means more work to rectify their botch...

    Front axle is corroded expect the worse...:hattip:
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  6. PSG


    its amazing that anyone was blind enough to have taken it for MOT like that in the first place. Unless they were after a concise list of the minimum requirements for an MOT'd bus. Quite a cheap way to find out what needs doing on the bus eh. It is fwarked by the sound of it.
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    On the advisories, what does, both front tyres are commersial, mean?
  8. It means the tester can’t spell.
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  9. It doesnt mean a great. Deal. Good indication of some places to look. Im guessing sills are badly fitted but Spot welded... Im guessing its not factory fresh lol but they are spot welded from new.
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    1/2 of that list are minor things, the welding is impossible to price without pics
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  11. Come on ,we all know what it will be like ,the pictures will just confirm it....:hattip:

    btw I would rather have a list of jobs rather than find them for myself ....:cool:
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    No no, it is most likely to be tiny isolated 1 inch square patches required at those locations
  13. Any pics? If you have the registration number, look up the mot history. The van sounds in a bad state and clearly not cared for. The owner wants rid of it, took it for mot to find out what needs doing to get a pass, then fix the fails, get an mot and flog it quick to some mug before it rots any further.

    Walk away.
  14. I think it could be a good buy but you need to look at the rest of the van

    The tester has gone a bit mad on it so it could just need a new beam and a bit of chassis work witch is easy
  15. Waste of time I think, van is rot.
  16. :lol:

    there you have it ,walk away...:hattip:
  17. Couldn't agree more! I bought my van with a fail listing 29 fails, and a pass certificate but all of the fails were still on the van!. It took me over three years to get a real pass certificate from a garage that deals in classic vehicles.
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  18. Ouch
  19. Let's be honest the rear wheel bearing are probably fine.
    Other than that if it was cheap I'd buy it. Strip it and get the welder out. i would be more worried about gutter rot. Maybe
  20. Still worth having a look at, check the amount of corrosion yourself.
    What does ‘beam tell tales missing’ mean?

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