Buy my van.

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by oscar, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. rickyrooo1

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    I didn't sell direct to them but I see they are selling it for 20k... A bit of truth stretching in the advert..... It seems the guy I sold to is in partnership with them as I put a personal name/addy on the v5.
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  2. If ever there was an ad that exemplified "First to see will buy" this is it. I won't wish you good luck with the sale, you won't need it. :)
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  3. Buyer beware I say.
  4. Changed it's name too..... 'Champers' :D
  5. This is obviously just a dry-run and gets only 2/10 . 1 mark for putting in the right section. 1/2 point each for a price and location and ZERO marks for effort.

    Needs the level of attention to detail that went into all the 'where is woody/why was (s)he banned/t4-5 rule' posts. Definitely more pics and description.

    Then to cap it off, it needs the icing on the cake a la @zed which was something like 'I am trying to sell something here so please keep the TLB randomness to all the other threads!' but may have had some swear words attached in the original as I cant quite remember.
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  6. Sorry thought i was on VZi for a mo :D
  7. Yawn.
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    Is it sold yet?
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  9. Strangely no.
  10. What colour is it?

  11. We’ll also change the bottom-half to a
    colour of your choice

  12. And the top half. Couldnt you just photoshop that?
  13. Has it got an engine.
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    You sound like you have got issues
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  15. I'm disappointed...

    'The Bee' lettering is missing.
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  16. Isn't that a prerequisite for the forum?
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  18. I'll give you five ?
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