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Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by Bansheelos, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]
    VR6 Swap + dangerously low + Rust + TLC = This Beast! Sometimes I want to punch her in the throat, other times I wanna snuggle on the couch with her! My chocolate sour patch kid. Awwww
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  2. Wow, looks great from that angle. In your description you sure have mixed feelings about "her" Like we all do. LOL
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  3. Only two things in my life make me feel like that......my bus and the wife lol
    any info on the engine swap? I'm considering an M-Tdi swap into mine.
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  4. :thumbsup: coolio :D
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  5. My cooling situation is horrible at the moment. Radiator under the belly of the beast. Used a kep plate to mate 091 trans to VR. Engine and trans raised 4" shift rod uses u joints. Custom exhaust magnaflow. Raised vanagon decklid. Anything ya wanna know in particular. If you want my Instagram is los_huevos and my name on YouTube is phototorque. My build thread is on thesamba under bansheelos. Check it out my highs and lows lol
  6. Los Huevos ...the balls hahaha you must have big ones to drive a 40 year old van with a VR6 in it! :p esta muy loco vato!
    I'll take a look.....ive done a tdi into a 84 rabbit truck (easy) and I'm partway through a 20valve turbo into a mk1 Jetta so I'm not too bad with the process, just trying to get my head around the transmission side of things as usually I swap that out with the donor vehicle one :)
  7. I think a quick build thread;) is needed with lots of pics :thumbsup:I love those coloured buses :hattip:
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  8. Wait till ya get a load of my sticker on my rear window!
    @Luis Navarro Yup "we've got huevos" lol Im none for VR6 swaps. Did a aba swap into a rabbit. This bus build was a lot for me. I have 3 kids under 5 so I would only go out to work on the bus once everyone was sleeping. As far as the trans you can run the bus trans w/ the kep adapter. I have been looking into a flipped 012 Audi trans jump u to 5 or even 6 speeds. If I had to do it allover again w/ the vrswap in my bus I would not run the motor and trans longitudinal. I would sit it the way it is stock position running the VR6 trans! Thats would I would do!
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  10. I love this bus :thumbsup:
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  11. Lm
    I try to keep bloodshed to a minimum. Will do when I get a chance @womball
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  12. Thanks man! Got lucky w/ this find
  13. So question, is the majority of people on this site overseas or in the states? Where ya guys from?
  14. Love the industrial type pictures of your bus! Really nice!

    Quite a build story as well....
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  15. North West UK from a little old town called Blackpool..... We have a Tower that Paris, France copied ;)
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  16. Manchester UK :thumbsup:
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  17. UK strong in here! I live in New Jersey USA
  18. Yeah it tends to be UK in the main but there are still a few from near and wide
  19. Nottingham, keep your wallet well hidden! Loads of poor people and a nasty Sheriff. (Booooo!)
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