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  1. Anyone fancy this?

    N716 UVR - 1996 Van Hool Alizeé-bodied Volvo B10M

    Out of test but does start and drive. 9.6-litre intercooled turbo diesel, 6-speed manual 'box, alloy wheels, 53 seats, new to Shearings in January 1996. I'm told it needs a door valve, an air dryer and a plate in the battery tray but I've not seen it with my own eyes. From pictures it appears the framework is good. The owner, a friend of mine and founder member of the 'Scottish Volvo Massive' is keen for it to go to a good home.

    Asking price is a firm £1000. Located near Glasgow.

    bus 1.jpg bus 2.jpg bus 3.jpg bus 4.jpg bus 5.jpg
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  2. Used to work on them
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  3. Only £1,000.

    That seems cheap
  4. Will it fit in a single garage? :D
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  5. Course it will, it's not a double decker!

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