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  1. Hi all,

    After a bus - cash waiting for the right bus.

    So here's my wish list.

    Prefer LHD although would consider a very original RHD, possibly South African with minimal welding, or even original paint would be nice.

    prefer tin-top

    Lowered/bigger engine/other mods ok

    Max £15k

    No rusty buses or projects

    Prefer nice modern fresh interior, not fussed about originality of the interior, and even happy to sort the interior myself.

    Prefer private sale.

    What ya got??
  2. Why prefer LHD?
  3. Few reasons..

    Left hand buses are usually far more rot-free than RHD - most RHD buses have been restored a few times & usually welded up to the hills, whereas most LHD buses have only had the odd bit of welding, or are totally original, mainly as they have spent most of their life in less rainy climate (my last late bay which I sold 3 years ago was a LHD from sweden and was totally rock solid, all original with no rust whatsoever, anywhere).

    Also, if you drive a RHD daily, jumping into a LHD is a bit different - something of a novelty & makes it a lot more fun to drive

    Also, as it happens, I park the bus frontwards in the garage and tuck the right hand side into the corner, so a lot easier to get out the left hand door!
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  4. You should get something for that money ...tin top as well . You could always buy a RHD and get out of the sliding door that would be different too .;)
    Have you considered importing one ...Cali or S Africa ...Australia .
  5. got a nice westy mate not tin top tho
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  7. Replied to your post on Jaffa mate

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  8. Now sorted, thanx.
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