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  1. Hi Folks - I'm going to have a crack at building cupboards in Myrtle.. 1970 T2 She has a full width RnR bed so it's for the gap between the end of the bed and the drivers seat. How would I fix the cupboard to the side of the van?

    Any help appreciated

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    Mine are just attached to the floor.
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  3. I bought cheap cupboard carcase from i think b and q, i screwed battens to the wooden floor lining then screwed through cupboards into the battens
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  4. I’ve got a small unit on the rear quarter and I’ve used rivnuts fixed to the inner bracing of the panel.

    where i have a “wall” mount for the table opposite the slider I’ve fixed an 18 x 100mm timber from B to C pillars, screwed into the flanges for fixing the door cards... which is in turn hidden behind the door card. you could use the same method for fixing a cupboard
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  5. Mines just got one bolt through the seat tub.
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  6. Couple of L brackets. Should do
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  7. I've used L brackets too - fastened to the metal with large self tappers .
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