Bugnutz - bury meet

Discussion in 'V Dub Clubs' started by Tiny-Pie, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. bugnutz meets every other wednesday in Bury...usually have a few drinkies and a catch up with vw lovers....mainly bugs but a few nice bays and splitty... :) lovely people....
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  2. It's on tonight if anyone fancies it x

    Ainsworth Arms, Bury x
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  3. I'm gonna be attending next time it's on XD

    Not in my van as it's gonna be in pieces soon :p
  4. davidoft

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    them was the days, I used to drink in the ainsworth arms when I was a boy, 20 years ago!! used to go for a drive over owd bets and everything, to far to visit now though :(
  5. It's on in 2 weeks, you just missed it last night :S I laughed til I cried last night... haha good fun times x
  6. we'd love to go but midweek is a nightmare for us, trying to get in after work then out again ... :(

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