Bug Jam

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  1. So, Bug Jam - anyone been, what's it like?

    Never been hence the question.

    Cheers all.
  2. we went for the first time last year, and are going again this year, we go down with the club on Thursday (so get a extra day there) If your going on Friday I would advise getting there early as it gets packed in the general camping, I mean really busy, you couldn't even bring a cat, never mind swinging one in some of the camping sections we saw.

    All in all thou a really good show with loads on, and some bargains to be had on sunday too :)
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  3. I went last year too. It was really good fun, loads to do and see, I think the bars shut a little too early for my liking though. Ignore what you've heard about it being full of boy racers who aren't interested in VW's, that wasn't the case last year.

    I was worried about what I'd heard about people playing football near your vehicle though. I'd just picked the Beetle up from the sprayers that Friday morning, and within 10 minutes some brat had kicked a ball at it. I didn't realise it was only a foam ball, so I might have lost my temper a little bit. It didn't do it again though. :thumbsup: Defo going again this year.

    Just try and remember where you're camped when you're drunk or you might have to get security to drive around looking for your car at 4 in the morning. :(
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  4. Heard stories from both sides - the good and the idiots!!

    Won't be camping so hopefully find car in car park!!
  5. We're going for the day on Saturday. Didn't fancy camping over, and with it being a Pod show, you can't bring dogs and that's somewhat of a dealbreaker for me. It is possible that I might get tempted to take the bus up the strip for a BWA sticker, but I will have to fight the temptation.
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  6. Yeah, I didn't see any of the bad side. Don't believe the hype!
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  7. There's a lot of people there, in a big crowd your going to get numptys, in any walk of life.

    We were parked right near the club thing, auto jumble sale. At least we had a good bit of room thou when camping, we had a good walk thru the site on Saturday evening and was generally surprised how close the tents and vans were. Hope they knew each other, or they certainly will of by Sunday :) looking forward to it, one hell of a thunderstorm on the saturday last year too. :)
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  8. I'll be there this year :cool: missed it last year for the first time in a few, get there early and youll be fine :thumbsup:
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  9. Ah yes, I remember the thunder storm, I think it started at the end of The Ordinary Boys. The camping was pretty rammed. Luckily I has a friends van one side of my Beetle and my tent the other otherwise I think I would've wrapped it in bubble wrap.
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