Bug Jam 2016

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  1. I can't see any listings for Bug Jam, is it one the TLB boycott or just no one that's not popular? :thinking:

    It's close(ish) to me and considering going once at least. o_O

    30th year this year so something must be good about it..........
  2. I went once, I would not go to Bug Jam again.

    For me it was the loutish behaviour that put me off. A very pregnant lady slipped and fell, she was to become the "circus attraction" where everyone gathered round laughing at her and mocking her.

    Me, Chelle and two others went to her rescue and helper her back to her car, she was very upset and distraught by the ordeal.

    Doesn't mean to say its not a bad show but..
  3. whs i went 2 times total crap
  4. I used to go as a young un and I'm going again this year with my local vdub club. I've always had a great time

    Go? with knowledge: v big show/festival, many go to party, watching drag racing in the sun on the hill with a few bevvies can be amazing.

    Very crowded camping area, not an intimate Vw show where you end up chatting to neighbours etc
  5. Ok, cheers guys! Probably not for me then; I think I'll save my £120 and have a weekend around the Cotswolds wild camping instead :thumbsup:
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  6. We used to go regularly, it was brilliant. I once saw a bloke whose enormous dong was hanging out of his pants one evening as he walked down the fire up lane.
    I love the drag racing, I was invited to cook on the start line a couple of times during the lunch break and prepared squirrel & a hedgehog in clay. We never experienced any trouble, but we always went as part of a big, loutish, heavily drinking club who played its music much louder than the people next to us. One of our number once managed to quoff 36 bottles of lager on the first day and my spare wheel cover, one year read; 'Don't Fu*k with Mr Zero'. I think Bug Jam is what you make it. Sadly the club is no more as most of the members are now either locked up or are serving police officers.
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  7. We've been the last couple of years, see some idiots about, but met some nice people there. Although mainly in lay-bys on the way there.

    Once you've been once or twice like us you probs won't want to go back.
  8. Oops. Other half bought me (us) tickets.

    I'm sure it'll be fun! :)
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  9. I was on the official map one year, I've always had fun when I've been, but mostly came back broken.

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