Bude - "Carry on" Camping at Efford Down Farm

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  1. Before you go any further, please understand that we tend to go for old-skool campsites. i.e. basic facilities (no clubhouses!) but good locations and this site is one of those.

    I thought I'd share this hidden gem of a site with you lot as we've taken a bit of a shine to it and i find it a shame that he's never just a tad busier.

    Efford Down campsite in Bude in Cornwall. http://efforddown.co.uk/camping.htm

    We stumbled across this site last year and have just been again last week.
    The site is on a slope but facing away from sea so you don't get battered by the summer rain! The camping is all around the edge of the field and a number of T5's came and went in the time we were there as well as there being just under a dozen tents.

    It's only open for 28 days a year (with a break in the middle this year for a scout jamboree!) , it's never too busy, it's cheap and from what we can see it's the closest site to Bude main beach.

    The facilities are basic, but all there. i.e. a portable toilet block, a portable shower block, some outside sinks for washing up, an additional standpipe at the top of the field, an outside wetsuit shower and 2 loos in sheds (best seen in person)

    In the 5 nights we were there it was mainly families, but with a sprinkling of surfers, couples and the occasional walker doing the coat path. All were well behaved and if you like a chilled basic site then this is certainly worth a try :)

  2. We enjoyed how close to the centre of town this is
  3. However the facilities are very basic.

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