WANTED Broken RHD Siding Door Mechanism

Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by just-paul, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. I am looking for the front mechanism that holds the door handle and seperate lock barrel
    and also a rear mech that has the catch part . Only need the housing part of each one so
    doesn't matter if they have bits missing or worn out.
    Must be RHD late bay.
    Let me know what you got.
  2. I think there may be the rear bit in a box of my old spares that @scrooge95 has for sale for charity, unless she sold it already or I'm mistaken. And to be frank either is possible. Sarah?
  3. 21Window

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    I've got complete late bay RHD door mechanism - all complete so far as I'm aware....
  4. I've still got your box of stuff. Didn't have much luck selling anything from it at Dub Odyssey Auto Jumble, so will take it to Techenders if anyone wants a look.
    What am I looking for?
  5. One of either of these

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  6. Cool.
    I’ll have a look
  7. I didn't know you went to Dub Odyssey, hope you had fun. I'll get some feedback from you at Techenders.

    I was away on my maiden european trip in the bus, so missed this years
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  8. Thanks , i dont want a good one as its not for my van,
    just broken or worn out ones that have been replaced and not thrown away yet.
    (unless its cheap ;))
  9. Can't see anything that looks like either of the photos. Mostly just heating ducts. There's cab door handles, but nothing sliding door.
  10. Thanks for looking :thumbsup:
  11. Yup, told you there was an outside chance I was dreaming, sorry.
  12. I’ve a rear mechanism, can get you a photo later, it’s from an earlier van door but I think they’re the same.
  13. Well thats a start :thumbsup:.
    Let me know how much inc post to Co.Durham.
  14. Anyone ???
  15. Sorry for not getting back sooner... the one I have here is different, as it doesn’t doesn’t take the big spring, - from an earlier door, lock in handle.



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  16. I can work with that .
    Let me know how much posted .
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  17. Pm sent
  18. Still looking

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