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  1. it’s Bristol ‘s Volksfest this weekend, all the details are over on the Earlee Bay. See you there if you’re coming. I’ll be parked up somewhere in the main arena in some sort of a display type thing for them other Bays. I’ll be the one with the leopard ish style bumpers, so say hi if I’m soberish.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,, hopefully not :););)
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  2. Are you doing pizza in that wood burner of yours I may pop in lol
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  3. I’m there all weekend to mate ill pop say hello mate in show and shine on subday to I’ll be the 1 in flip flops and carling dribbling

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  4. U camping the weekend mate ?

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  5. No mate I’m hoping to go for the day on Saturday as it’s fathers dad on Sunday and I have to do the BBQ but also depends on the fact that I’ve just had plans done for three extensions at home so I am supposed to be moving 600 blocks from Burton On Trent so I’m not 100% I’m going yet.
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  6. I’ll be there mate if u want a beer

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  7. Ditto ,,, but maybe Stella dribbling. Now that I’m as old as the hills ,, I got to look for real ish reasons to be a dribbler and Mrs Stella fits the bill nicely. Pizzas??? I hadn’t thought about that as I’ve been under Mrs Ozziedog s watchfull guidance regarding the size of my waistline, but now that I’m gainfully employed again, and running around like a mad thing, I should be able to counter balance that one, or at least counter balance Mrs Ozziedog ‘s scales .

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,, pizzas are on,,,Stella is chilling,,, Ozziedogs are GO! :);):)
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  8. @1973daisey
    How did you get on in the show and shine?, did you get up on time, lol
    Great to see you, albeit briefly :thumbsup:
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  9. I was up (don’t know how) that mint grey panel can on air won best bay and best in show was mint to be fair don’t get used but was a mint prototype

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  10. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    That’s what I like about shows and show’n’shines.

    Bugger all.
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  11. I just wanna win 1 !!!! But the guy said I’m scared to drive it I walked away !! I got u a lil pressie from the thatchers tent kid

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  12. Well done getting up so early. :thumbsup:
    It was ok, but as you said -it's not used!! - whats the point of having it then!!
    Better luck next time ;)
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  13. Awww, don't be such a grumpy pants :p
    Yeah show and shine is all a bit "clicky", o_O
    "you" judge mine and "I'll" judge yours :(
    BUT there is other stuff to the shows........
    Live bands (the Queen band were very good), Entertainment, Silent Discos (woohoo,my favorite), Auto Jumble (always a bit of rusty gold),
    BBQ's, Camp fires and Chatter with friends, and copious amounts of cider :burp:.
    oh, and don't forget the blocked porta loos, always a joy :eek::eek:

    Been doing it 28 years, it must be an addiction :eek:o_O
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