Bristol Volks Fest 19-21 June 15

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  1. No not for me , but will be there with the family looking for a new van hopefully ;)
  2. I'll be there as we're trading with work, and it's only about 5 miles from home
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  3. Wot u trading ?
  4. We're a VW garage, do servicing, restorations, a bit of everything really. We'll have some bits and bobs for sale too
  5. Kool I'm in hanham so not to far away myself from from the show lol , wot do u do is it all old skool vans or do u do t4 t5 as well ?
  6. Mostly bays and t3's, but we do other stuff too.

    Our Facebook page is the most up to date. If you fancy a look search for Jeffs VW shack

    We're on crews hole, so just down the road from you!
  7. I know jeff down at crews hole , wot about slamming an golf mk 4 how much ??
  8. Give us a call at the workshop sometime, Jeff can give you a better idea on price than I can
  9. No
    no probs will do .
  10. this is the first year in ages that i won't be going, especially after last years fiasco.
    i hope it doesn't go a far downhill as many suspect it will now they are pushing it as more of a boy racer event
    according to their facebook page, "IF YOU WANNA BE A GANGSTER DRIVE A VOLKSWAGEN JETTA"
    enjoy :)
  11. Anyone else coming?
  12. yeah me
  13. I must be pretty gangsta then...... lol
  14. well wot a great weekend,i dont think this one will be going down hill,there was more there this year than last
    van west on the other hand was poo thats the one that wont last

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