Breaks Fold Farm, Blubberhouses

Discussion in 'North Yorks' started by Aang, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. Just had the bank holiday weekend at Breaks Fold Farm just by Thruscross resevoir, up the hill from Blubberhouses. Bit of a struggle up the 21% hill, but slow and steady wins the day...

    Campsite was apparently getting full, but there was loads of space. Fires off the ground allowed (a must) and a nice walk down to the reservoir. Pretty basic, with not much in walking distance - but that's fine. The owner was a really nice guy too.

    I've just moved back to Yorkshire after 20 years away, so it is nice to find some local spots.
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  2. Try Malham and goredale scar too
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  3. I have heard good things about both of those - thanks for the tips :) Are fires allowed at both? And no neat lines of organised tents/caravans please!!
  4. Goredale is better but tatty!
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