Brake calipers and spares

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  1. Just got my van back on the road after over a year in storage, thankfully only sticky brakes to deal with and it sailed through an MOT.
    I don't like doing brakes but the garage I used was concerned about shearing the bleed nipple off so refrained from changing the fluid. I'm planning to buy some new calipers but see there are various suppliers and qualities, does the quality vary much with cost? which are the best? It's for a '74 1600.
    Any recommendations of who to buy from? I've not ordered any parts for a long time.

    Is it worth buying any other associated parts at the same time? The garage said the pads were good, but I don't want any false economy or parts missing if I let the garage fit them, Pipes, pads etc?

  2. Maybe its time for a brakes replacement.

    Disks, calipers, pads, pads fitting kit with anti squeal shims, flexi hoses, new dot4 brake fluid. If you look at your calipers you can see which type and order up identical repro ones accordingly.

    Some folks on here rebuild calipers but you are getting your garage to do the work and you supply the parts, easy for them.
  3. I wouldnt bother with disc and pads if yours are not worn. The new ones won't be any better. New calipers, copper grease pads and swap em. New front hoses won't be a bad idea as they collapse inside and hold the brakes on. Worth checking that's not the problem.
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