Braham Farm Campsite, Ely, Cambs

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    I chose this site as it was the nearest to Ely which I wanted to explore a bit more. There are two cycle routes from the site into the city. The first is along seperate cycle paths alongside the A10 and takes about ten minutes, the second is alongside the river Great Ouse and takes about 30 mins.
    We stayed there Fri, Sat and Sunday nights over the bank holiday and we were the only ones there the whole time.



    The site has a single toilet and no shower, and costs between £5 and £11 per night. We paid £9 a night for the bank holiday weekend and electric would have been another £2. This is another Camping and Caravanning Club site but again the owners didn't seem bothered whether we were members or not. The post code for the site (which takes you directly to the door) is CB6 3HL and their phone number is 01353 662386.
    I've never spent much time in Ely before but really enjoyed bimbling around on my bike taking photo's.



    The Cathedral is well worth a visit and for just £9 you can go up the 288 steps to the top of the North Tower which gives lovely views over the surrounding countryside.


    Lots of places to eat and drink obviously and some lovely gardens to picnic in and get good views of the cathedral.


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  2. great photo of the cathedral tower, looks effective with the tower in focus & the background fuzzy!
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    Thank you. Actually it was an epic fail. I was like a kid in a sweet shop snapping away all the way around the tower and when I looked at that pic of the Lantern, which is made of wood covered in lead and weighs about 400 tons, the crennelations around the top were lost in a sea of houses in the background.
    What I SHOULD have done is changed to a larger aperture with a smaller depth of field. What I ACTUALLY did was fudge it in photoshop.
    I'll be going back again when the weather gets more dramatic and I may shoot it again with the correct aperture. Here's another gratuitous shot of a bit of one of the stained glass windows.


    We had to do a bit of climbing to get that close and I'd never realised quite how much detail they have.
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  5. Great pics Bob like the aspect and perspective you find.
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  6. Betty n i had that boat next to the canal boat tied up next to the cafe , few years back on the broads , nice pics
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    Did you hire it from Ely or does it come from somewhere else along the river?
  8. ours was wroxham . barnes brinks :D
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    That's another nice place that me and Jan have recently discovered.

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