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    No speakers in our van.. as a temporary measure i'd got one of those cheapie little bluetooth speaker that can also be useful when camping / around the campfire etc It was about £20 quid and worked ok but tinny sound and not enough volume/quality to be heard properly whilst driving.

    In the house we had an old BOSE sound dock - you know the type where the old fashioned ipod docks in the front? That was on it's last legs so we chucked that on ebay (80 quid - result) plus sold the old ipod and a few other bits and bobs and put the money towards a new bose.

    This arrived yesterday and i have to say i'm totally blown away with it. Sound performance is absolutely epic - loud, crisp, clear, great bass (you really don't believe how much bass you can get from something so small). It's primarily going to get used in the house but with a 14 hr charge it will also come with us when we travel in the van. You play your "choonz" via bluetooth off your phone/apple whatsit or you can plug in an aux too.

    Cost a little over 200 quid which isn't that much these days and certainly no more than you'd pay for decent speakers and a head unit if you were fitting directly into the van.

    Saves cutting your dash/door cards, works great in the house, can be moved between rooms etc. or loud enough to really annoy your neighbours when camping.

    If you don't have any ICE in your van and you don't want the fitting hassle or you want to avoid cutting stuff then this is a great solution.

  2. Got some Bose gear myself, quality stuff
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    Yeah but you is well minted, got a Volvo a camper a Bose whatever it is, gold bars in yer kecks etc :D
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  4. If only... if only...
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  5. My crappy old A3 has a bose system in. Very good and they go for more on ebay for more than the car cost.
  6. Bose are the masters of big sound from small boxes. The iPod sound dock the OP mentioned is the same today just updated for new connector and has just 2x 2" speakers yet produces amazing bass and volume. Have used their 802 PA speakers in the past which are incredibly loud for their size (8x 4" drivers per cabinet for any Audio geeks out there)
  7. Gold balls man gold balls

    Not minted any more, gave it all to you to glue my van up !
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    I've spent all that frivalously, do it need restoring again I'm running a bit low on gold bars and bacon sangas x
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  9. I have the soundlink mini and it is simply amazing. The depth of bass is phenomenal for such a small unit. Perfect for travelling around.
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  10. Not a fan of Bose, I thought their bluetooth speakers had over emphasized bass, (just to impress) and were too directional and sounded very bad if not positioned correctly.

    Done a lot of reading on holiday and bought two! Fugoo Sport with a 40 hr battery life and multi-directional sound and the Denon Envaya mini for inside the house...worth a listen.
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  11. I've worked in the HiFi trade for years on and off, and always avoided Bose which has a reputation as over-hyped, over-advertised and over-priced. Saying that I would admit they have made some good products over the years, but they've also sold quite a lot of BS, and there's no question that you pay a hefty premium for their branding.

    FWIW I bought one of these from Sainsburys because it was £25 and I wanted something to play with. For the money it's brilliant, and irrespective of price it sounds good and works as it should. I'd expect the Bose to be better, but there's no way it's ten times better!
  12. Trichord Genesis CD Player, Densen Beat B100 Amp with Triangle Comet speakers in the living room. The very opposite of over hyped, over advertised sound reproduction. :thumbsup:
  13. I'd say the same, mine was pretty inexpensive too, coming from the same sort of era as my vehicles... in the living room there's currently an original 1974 Ariston RD11 turntable, with a Michell Focus unipivot tonearm and an ADC XLM cartridge, a Croft Vita preamp and a pair of Meridian M1 actives (state of the art in 1979). Sounds like music. :thumbsup:


    But that little cheap Goodmans thing is decent too. Not hyped to impress but very musical for what it is. I could listen to it all day...

    ...sorry, went a bit OT there.
  14. Bluetooth speaker for a campervan?

    We have this little beauty :thumbsup:

    20161213_212024_v3.jpg 20161213_212053_v2.jpg

    Makes a reasonable sound, headlights light up blue when linked. At some point I fancy swapping the LEDs for white ones, and perhaps adding some red ones at the back...
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  15. Rez


    I bought this last year, stuck velcro to the back of the speaker and the dash instead of where my radio used to be.
    Again, the sound is great and I can remove it if I want to use it outside the van.

    (Sol republic - Deck)

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  16. Long time since i posted this - still like my bose and it works well (although we use it in the house more than we do in the vw now i think..)

    .. BUT i'm planning the next stage for some audio in the van. When funds allow, pretty much decided i'm going to get a Kenwood KAC-M1824BT which is a marine bluetooth amp. You dont' need a head unit, just hide the amp somewhere under the seat for example, and you can connect any device via your blue teeth or plug in via an aux cable if you want. With subtle location /hiding of speakers and with this under the seat you won't see any of the install, but you'd have 400 watts and the ability to play anything off any of the devices we have.

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  17. Why a marine amp?
  18. I have a Bose soundlink 2 and it's top draw. I did buy this one for the van and it is excellent.

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  19. didn't specially search out a marine unit, just that the criteria those guys have is similar to mine. I guess on a boat you don't want to have a "head unit" like a car (no point when you're out at sea and beyond radio reception? .. or maybe they don't want a head unit that'll get wet? who knows? ) so the idea of something you can bury away out of sight and just stream wirelessly from whatever device you have makes sense. i have a '70s factory head unit in the dash that i want to leave in place 'cos it looks good, and it's connected up to a little speaker under the dash so we occasionally listed to the radio when camping but no good for driving as it's not powerful enough and you can't bluetooth to it, so this unit makes more sense - connect up any wireless device, stream the music, hide some proper speakers around the van, sorted.
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  20. Fair enough - I guess that I just focussed on the waterproof bit and wondered whether you were going to install something like a hot tub in the back.
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