Bosch EV1 Injector Polarity?

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm currently doing a wasted spark Megasquirt conversion on my EFI 76 bay and have retained the following original components
    • fuel pump
    • fuel pressure regulator
    • throttle body (I've had this fully re-machined, new spindle bearings, new butterfly, and a BMW throttle position sensor installed)
    • intake runners
    • intake/injector manifolds
    • intake "airbox"
    • Bosch EV1 style injectors (although I have swapped my originals to the later T3 injectors p/n 0280150206 as they are high-impedance are therefore don't need the resistor pack)
    Parts I am adding are
    • Megasquirt ECU and relay board
    • Crank trigger wheel and sensor from
    • Intake air temp sensor
    • BMW throttle position sensor as mentioned above
    • 2 wire cylinder head temp sensor (the original was 1 wire and used engine ground so i found one from a BMW motorbike that has the same thread and pitch of the original but is a 2 wire design)
    • 4 Coil on plug ignition coils from a Suzuki R1
    • My own purpose built ignition coil driver unit using 4 x BIP373 IGBT to drive the COP's
    • A warmup air valve re-purposed from a mercedes fuel tank purge valve that will allow extra air into the intake airbox during warm-up, basically it replaces the original "auxiliary air valve"

    I've chosen the parts based on various blogs and examples that I found whilst researching the project so i'm pretty confident it will all hang together eventually, :) fingers crossed...

    BUT my main question is this, what is the wiring polarity for the injectors?

    I cannot seem to find a reliable source and I've sold my original loom so cannot deduce it from that, I guess technically it doesn't matter as an injector is just a coil/electromagnet but i want it to fit "standards" if possible?

    Any help would be much appreciated, I do intend to put a build log on here once i've got it running to help other people thinking of doing the same thing.


  2. davidoft

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    I would say they are just 12volt solenoids do polarity won't matter

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