Boatyardbusses type 4 oil sender plate (taco plate)

Discussion in 'Engine Gearbox' started by grandmst, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. Overall good fitting product for £27 plus £4 postage from eBay.

    Fitted well in the case and sender. Well made product.

    To be hyper critical the dipstick touches the plate due to its thickness so could do with being slightly thinner to make sure it doesn't foul the dipstick.

    Overall fits well and serves its purpose I would of gone for the M14 version as that has a lip around the sender which I believe would produce more accurate temp results due to deflected air flow.

    But that again is also bring hyper critical.

    If you want a temp sender unit for your type 4 In a better location than then oil pressure relief value this is the item to buy.


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  2. You happy with this ? Worked ok? My dip stick sender bugs me.
  3. It is a bit of a half way copy of the Porsche taco plate ... to get accurate results like the Porsche one the temp sender has a cover to stop air flow over it and is at a more sunken angle ....
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  5. It still doesn’t put the sender in the correct place tho ....probably plenty good enough ...
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  6. It's the same place as the dipstick. Which I have now, just that this is neater.

    1979 Super Viking, 2lt type 4, Automatic
  7. [​IMG]


    it is slightly different , if you look in the case where it goes you will see what I mean .
    The above one also has a cover ....but I`m splitting hairs .
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  8. Oh, I see what you mean. Those porsche ones are great aren't they. Does anyone sell them?

    1979 Super Viking, 2lt type 4, Automatic
  9. if you look on ratwell site it gives you all the part numbers etc so I imagine Porsche classic still do them ?
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  10. From Ratwell.
    • Taco plate: 039-101-267
    • Protective cap: 039-101-275 (wind deflector for cover plate)
    • O-ring: 021-101-269A
    • Copper 6mm crush washers: N-013-803-2
    • Crush washer for sender: 900 123 007 30
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