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  1. posted on the Just Kampers facebook page this morning:

    Morning All,

    We've just been on the phone to the guys at Freedom Cars, who've had their Bay stolen over the weekend.

    Here's a link to more photos and information about the Bay:

    It was stolen from their forecourt, and the thieves cut the fence to get it out and only took the Bay, so it was possibly stolen to order.

    If anyone spots it please contact the police and report it as stolen.
    These thefts seem to be happening more often, and they're ruining the VW lifestyle we all love.

    Josh at JK
  2. :'( will keep my eyes peeled!
  3. :(
  4. bloody annoying ....!!!

    i suppose scallys know that old stuff has poor security....compared to new stuff... :-

    gonna fit a fuel cut off to mine and a switch to the welll as some hardware....

    mind you at the moment its 10 inches of the ground on stands.... ;D

    what do you guys do....?
  5. jivedubbin

    jivedubbin Moderator

    Got a Rottweiler .he sleeps underneath it .to keep out of the rain
  6. Took the carb off mine Sunday for a clean. Have to push it if they want it. Not a good long term security fix though!
  7. art >4 me , dizzy rotor out , lead from /to dizzy/coil off, quick release on batt. off. chain between steering wheel and pedal, 2 VERY BIG wheel clamps as in serious metal not car accessory shop ones,and (purists please look away now!) ive fitted a hasp/paddlock to engine hatch >bodywork x 2! (i run a RAT so relax all !)cos apart from all else , looking at me twin dells , i reckon ,working quickly and only wanting carbs, so not bothering wot else i damaged ,i could have em off in a couple of mins or close to that anyhow, i also in this inclement dark weather sometimes drop ALL the fuses , i know it may seem like an age (15 mins ,timed) but the hassle /pain of me bus going "walkabout" .....well!......
  8. I park over a cast iron drain outside my gaff. I run a motorcycle Oxford chain through it and the front beam. With only 50hp its going nowhere. Plus both I am my neighbour have CCTV on our garages and vehicles and flinch at any sounds. My garage is alarmed too. Plus I disconnect battery.

    So far ive not tried to drive off and leave my beam attached to the drain. :) Years of disc locks on my bikes remind me to undo it as its no fun ripping a £250 carbon fibre mudguard more than once. :)

    I am going to get a wheel lock like Ricky (where is he btw?).
  9. you reminded me there Bootsam , i did unintentionally attempt to drive off wiv wheel clamp fitted , thankfully i am capt. slow . so no damage , but now i ALWAYS ensure at least one clamp is fitted to o/s front ! that way i SEE it is fitted ! like when i screwed up , it was on n/s rear and i"d forgot.
  10. It'll probably break down a mile down the road anyway ;)

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