Blenheim Palace - festival of transport 30th-31st August, Woodstock Oxon

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  1. Info here:

    Very low key relaxed event, eclectic mix of old cars. Been several times but went in the vw for the first time last year - as we drove in we got directed into the display area. Didn't get asked to pay, but we're season ticket holders anyway as we're only a couple of miles away.. worst case you'd pay for "parks and gardens" entry which you can then convert for free to an annual pass.

    @Top Banana Racing are you going again this year? @PeaSoup are you around?
  2. ahhh.. didn't know you could do that :) nice one.

    We'll prob check the weather forecast a few days in advance and go on which ever of the two days looks to be nicest.
  3. I'm going Monday as I'm at The Big Feastival Fri-Sun.
  4. Not sure yet - am hoping to.

    And with it being so close I think we might be able to get there in the van as close enough for my engine not to over heat :(
  5. Have just sent off the application form to try and get free entry. We normally have Blenheim passes anyway, but they are all expired at the moment so we may as well try and get in for free if we can!
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  6. Just top the coolant up before you leave :thumbsup:

    .. i've got a tow rope if necessary.
  7. .
  8. This happened to me a couple of years ago, got waved through in the camper and parked in the display area. My camper was filthy and the rear end still covered in oil from a recent push rod seal malfunction. I was so embarrassed parking next to a mint condition mark 1 Capri.
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  9. What got deleted Keith?
  10. Err, me getting Johns Sunday wrong, tis this Sunday
  11. Aha! Okely dokely at what time?
  12. We will be there from about 1.30, he starts 3 ish
  13. My free pass arrived today - impressive considering I only posted it off on Wednesday!
  14. I have a pass for Sunday / Mopnday if anyone wants them. I'll post another thread as well
  15. Ooh - thanks for the heads-up ... we're going to be camping about 10 miles from this at the weekend so might pop along. Too embarrassed to even attempt getting a free pass though ...
  16. I have a spare one for Monday. :)
    Where are you camping?
  17. We're at Cotswold View campsite at Charlbury. Not been before...the friends we're camping with picked it! Hope it's nice!!
  18. That is the one campsite we've made it to this year! It's was OK and all kept very clean, but a bit too civilised for our liking (we got put on hard standing!!). There are some nice woods to walk in and they allow fires as long as they are in baskets/firepits off the ground - which is always a must for us when we camp.

    Do try and make it to Blenheim - you are very close at that campsite. Will keep a look out for a purple bay :)
  19. I'm hoping we'll be on grass as our friends are in a tent ... If we come along, it'll be on the monday when the friends have gone home (not sure them and their hundreds of kids will wan tto go to it). Will look out for you if we go!

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