Bleeding brakes

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  1. Single handedly.
    Anyone got any tips, methods, tricks, special home made equipment?
    I usually use a long pipe, with a bolt in the end and a slit cut in the pipe just above the bolt, in a jar of brake fluid.
    Anyone else have any other ways of doing it?
  2. i normally use a one way value on the brake cylinder couple of £ from ebay, but the long pipe and bolt method sounds good enough. :)
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  3. Strap some stilts to your legs, lay in the floor press the brake pedal while you undo the brake bleed nipple, you can only do the driver's side but half done is better than not done :thumbsup:

    Get a bleed kit they are pretty good:thumbsup:
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  4. I only use the gravity bleed method since I had a problem bleeding a old MG. So simple just put a see through bleed tube over nipple (furthest away from master cylinder), place jar under, no need for fluid in it, open bleed nipple and watch the fluid slowly drain through the pipe together with the air bubbles. When the bubbles stop tighten up the nipple. Keep a eye on master cylinder fluid levels. Check brake pedal pressure ,repeat if soft. nb this method will only work when the master cylinder is higher then brake nipples (ok on the these buses) and you can do this on your own, might take a longer than with the kits but it has always worked for me.
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  5. I do a similar method to the above but finish off with a couple of depressions of the brake pedal, seems to work quite well.
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  6. I have a Gunson Eezibleed. It uses a partially deflated spare tyre to push fluid from the master cylinder. A see-through pipe on the nipple, open nipple and watch until the bubbles stop then close off. This has worked well for me.
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  7. I use the slit pipe making sure the end is well under brake fluid in a jam jar.
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  8. Bleeding brakes!!, usually a comment made when trying to stop quickly :)
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  9. I use a pipe with a one way valve on the end.
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  10. When I rebuilt my callipers recently, the discs, pads, and fluid turned up, but not the gunsons eezibleed... thanks eurocarparts. I got an old squirty bottle (think spray wax/spray window cleaner etc) and fettled a bit of tube to it, which I pushed over the nipple. Open nipple, squirt, squirt, squirt, no bubbles, nip the nipple.
    one month later, eezibleed sits here, unopened!
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  11. Eazibleed for me :)
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  12. B*Dum,T’Skkkkkk!

    Here all week?:)
  13. Thanks all.
  14. eBay tube and 1 way valve works for me
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  15. Yeah these work well too. Basically it's a one way valve so it lets the fluid and bubbles flow out when you press the pedal but doesn't let them get sucked back in when you release so you don't have to have someone opening and closing the bleed nipple.
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  16. If you use an easibleed, don't be tempted into thinking a higher tyre pressure will help clear through stubborn bubbles.....
    Loud pop as the cap came off the reservoir, and a fountain of brake fluid all over the cab.
    Floor, column, dash board, seats...and me. Lesson learned.

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  17. Just a pipe with a bolt and a slit in a jar of fluid, then?

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