Blazecut Fire suppression system

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  1. Has anyone heard of or had experience with the Blazecut fire suppression system manufactured in Slovakia?

    cheers, Tom
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  3. Thanks rickyrooo1 but the video is what prompted my query. Not much information on their website re what the gas is plus any compliance to Euro standards etc. Seems good for the money but does it work?

    cheers, Tom
  4. dog


    I'm personally not a huge fan of the gas systems. Preferring the foam systems myself. I'm sure people will come in here and argue otherwise but that's just my opinion
    Gas is generally used for large sealed areas. And areas that are inaccessible or very dangerous to access in a fire situation. In an engine bay there are lots of gaps and places for large gaps to appear in a fire situation that the gas can escape from. Like powder, gas offers a quick initial knockdown but very little in the way of cooling. Hence reigniting is a problem
    My advice to any bus driver is to fit an automatic foam system and to have a 9kg foam extinguisher handy to tackle the blaze with if possible/safe to do so.
    Whichever system you choose I'd advise the 9kg foam extinguisher too as on a normal car fire we generally use 1-2 tanks of water. That's 1800l a tank btw
    If you are in a rural area you can be waiting some time for the fire brigade to arrive. 20 mins is not uncommon. So be prepared, and on long or isolated journeys go for overkill as you may need it. Hopefully not but like the boyscouts. Be prepared :thumbsup:

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  5. Looks like someone is selling theirs on prototype, look in the wanted/for sell section
  6. Thanks Razzyh; I'm in Australia so would be easier to buy straight from the USA.
  7. I saw vid today after reading a for sale post on vzi
    I admire the simplicity of the system

    However the test they did in that bus was with an engine that wasent running
    Im pretty sure if the engine was running the cooling fan would have sucked the gas straight out of the engine bay

    I think they way forward would be a fire indication light on the dash and a manual firing switch

    It would then allow you to pull over safely and activate the system once the engine is switched off
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  8. Looks like it works when it's parked up with the engine not running. I'm with Dog.
    Edit - and Para.
  9. So if not this, what is the best system to buy, for a DIY fit that I can do ??
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    firetec foam one, we had group buys but @bigrich sells them now direct at coolair
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  11. You can mock me when my bus goes up in a cloud of smoke, but I had a firetec and gave it away rather than fit it. My Golf doesn't have one and nor did any other car or camper I've had. None have burst into flames so far.
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    agree, if fuel system top notch why bother, i've never had one in any car either but until now i never had a rear engine...... if i'm honest if i hadn't have bought one when i 1st got the van i wouldn't bother now.
  13. Didn't one of the cool flo's splits get an engine fire from a dodgy battery or something over charging? Not sure exactly what but it was battery related!
  14. Prevention is better than cure ;)
  15. Surely prevention is preventing the fire starting in the first place; fire suppression, extinguishers etc is post event.
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    An extinguisher is cure not prevent though
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    this is true, as zed pointed out and I agreed, who's got one on their car? no one? no nor me........ I only put one on the van as I knew nothing when I first got it and panicked, the only good thing I suppose is the fact that in a normal front engine car you'd see smoke very quickly, whereas in a rear engine most people only realise it's alight when they loose power - certainly I can't see out of my back window when driving my van.
  18. The problem also with the video is not just the engine fan is not running, there is no air being forced in the air vents like there would be while moving, also the fuel would be flowing in through the fuel pipe if it had split or come adrift not just a large syringe full .
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  19. Thats what I mean, prevent the fire but having new lines plumbed in and also decent and correct wiring.

    Cant hurt to have a fire extinguisher plumbed in though
  20. Thanks everyone for your comments; I don't think I'll bother with this system at the moment and have already taking the measures suggested by salad.dodger2 so only time will tell if this was the right decision. Having just replaced the front window scrapers (which must be the worst job on a kombi) I think I'll just stay in it if it burns rather then do them again.
    cheers, Tom
    (Is there really a salad.dodger1?)

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