Blackpool Breeze

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  1. Anyone ever been already booked just seeing what to expect hopefully not as windy as dubtoberfest was a awning graveyard by the end of the weekend.
  2. Oi there’s only one Breeze, the Brighton breeze, get yourself down there it’s a brilliant weekend, 1st weekend in October :thumbsup:
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  3. Would love too maybe next year trying to do new shows every year doing Cornwall for a week in 2 weeks time might never want to drive again after that. I am being a wimp and stopping halfway for the night there and back don’t think I could mange 7 hours driving in one day in a camper.
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  4. Nothing wrong with giving you and the van a rest.......we are going for a few weeks in September.....if there's any summer left.... we stay at relatives in Cheltenham and also occasionally with some in Okehampton as well.
    It's good to actually have a working bus when you reach your destination!
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  5. Nonsense ! Once you get in 'the zone' you're fine. I do it twice a year mate, from Manchester / Warrington area and it's not all that bad. Plenty of short stops here and there, well about 3 anyway including breakfast and lunch makes it much easier to deal with as does setting off at the crack of dawn. The only issue you will likely have at this time of year is traffic queues on the M5 from Bristol area to just beyond Sedgemoor services. Might have a look at that Blackpool Breeze as it isn't far. Going to Tatton next week though....
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  6. Don’t mind driving far just got 2 dogs wife and my son in tow the night stop over either way we’re classing as part of our holiday to be honest. Am at Tatton in the late bay group parking then Blackpool Breeze then Home for one night then off to Penzance must be mad haha. Was stuck on the m5 over the weekend as went to dubtoberfest in Cheltenham would go again but was so windy it was half empty by the last night not sure if that was because of the weather or people needing to be back at work on the Monday morning.

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  7. To be fair, I've thought about stopping on my way down to kind of extend my holiday but never got round to it... At the moment the M6 and M5 really get on my nerves, but it takes longer going down the A49 and joining M5 after the Severn crossing even with the roadworks on the motorways. Im thinking about going over night next time as I will have been working nights up to then anyway....
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  8. Driving in the night would be better but still stuck at 50mph for all of the road works. I did nights for 6 years don’t envy you one bit think it aged me about 20 years but the money was better and helped me pay for my house so can’t complain to much.
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    I don't mind 50mph if you actually get to do that - I rarely go over 60 in my bus anyway - I killed one engine, so I'm not wanting to do that again.... :)
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  10. I don't mind 50mph if you actually get to do that - I rarely go over 60 in my bus anyway - I killed one engine, so I'm not wanting to do that again.... :)[/QUOTE]

    My speedo is in km so I sit on 100 most of the time which is about 62 mph any faster cross winds start getting interesting just as long as am faster then the lorry’s am happy don’t want to be part of the wacky racers. They draft each other pullout take 5 minutes to get past then the lorry who gets overtaken then starts drafting and overtakes its madness haha.

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  11. I've seen it advertised and it's not far from us - but I wasn't keen on the setting -you can test it out and let us know what it is like
  12. Thanks I will be the guinea pig haha. To be honest it’s because it’s close and the air show is on that weekend it’s next to the airport so if all fails will sit back and watch the sky’s.

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  13. I went to Blackpool Breeze in 2016, but left after the first night due to the continuous loud 'house' music all night from a group who had camped in a circle and ignored requests to turn it down by the organisers.
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  14. Just booked. Never been to this before. The van has though. Got a window sticker from 2013.
  15. Oh no. Wrong Breeze! I meant Brighton.
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