Black Rock sands Porthmadog

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  1. LL49 9YH GPS Lat= 52.91470 Lng= -4.19244



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  2. One of our favourite beaches:) Stayed at the Haven camp site before we got Daisy a few times and then another one, can't recall the name, right on the beach more or less, fabulous place kids love it;)
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  3. Bit of a sea mist here can't quite see anything :(
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Yeah stayed at both those sites as well :)
  6. My favourite beach. Not my Bay but the next best thing....May last year..
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    wow i ruined my dads Ford Escort estate here in the 70's. I was v young sat on my dads knee 'driving' and I swerved it into the sea apparently. It started to rot after that and he got rid of it.

    I'll have to take the van here, but not swerve into the sea. #

    Thanks for this thread, happy memories!
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    Sold ice cream as a summer job whilst a student just up the road from there. We used to have lots of fun on the sand messing around in various cars..

    Nice place.
  9. Never been there even though it's only about 40 mile from us, gone past it in the boat loads of times on the way to Porthmadog for fuel
  10. The wifes granddad lives just along the coast in Cricceth with views of the beach and Cricceth castle from the front room, beautiful part of the world
    We try and visit as often as we can, It'll be 1 of the first places we go in the bus when it's finished just
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    I've just re read my 2014 post about 5 above this one:

    A late August 2015 trip to black rock sands.

    Wales is as wet now as it was when I was a child. This was a rare few mins of sun.

    I kept my van well away from the sea!
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    I think this is why it's called black rock sands


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