Birthplace of the Mulberry Harbour, Garlieston, Dumfries and Galloway.

Discussion in 'Scotland' started by Zebedee, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. Just back from a couple of great days in Garlieston up in Dumfries and Galloway.


    Stayed at a lovely wee site (only 8 pitches) called Garlieston Lodge.
    Just £18 for the night for the two of us and two dogs including leccy hookup. :)


    Our dogs loved the stream.:rolleyes:

    Garlieston harbour


    Lovely pub in the village which allows dogs, post office and a couple of shops too.
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  2. 450 miles with the only problem being a loose connection on the oil pressure switch wire and the feed to the stereo vibrating loose.

    Really needs more space in the van, especially when theres these buggers taking up all the space.:rolleyes:

    Who says you can't use a mobility scooter off road?:D
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    Nice one, you should complete the journey by going to Aromanche to see the resting place of the Mulberry harbours.
  4. Little bit further away though.

    There was one section of mulberry harbour that had survived in Garlieston bay until 2006 when it was destroyed in a storm. :(
  5. I'll need to do more trips over that way, we always head to the highlands or north west coast & Isles .
    I'll dig my doodle map out and check it out.
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    Great to see you all camping Martin :thumbsup:
  7. I can't remember the last time i managed to get Fran out in the van. Probably camperjam in 2010.:eek:
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  8. Lived not far from Garlieston, tiny village called Kirkcowan, many years ago. Lovely area, always mean to go back
  9. that looks like its really nice & tranquil :thumbsup:
  10. Yes you definately should - we've taken the van through there twice. My grandfather came ashore at Gold beach on D-Day - only a few hundred yards to the East of Arromanche so it is a quite special place for me.
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