Bing Bong a Dong!

Discussion in 'How To' started by snotty, Feb 24, 2021.

  1. :thumbsup: thanks snotty - you're a star :worship:

    I shall now add this to my winter project list - whih is rapidly growing, much to davidoft's dismay............ :D:D
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  2. Did you buy one of the bongers? Great little things if you want to generate various tones.
  3. Could this be wired to alternator or oil light?
  4. I have

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    " Low oil pressure" was the only thing a Montego ever said to me that was any use.. foamed the oil while flooring it up a hill.. the owner was in the passenger seat. Oil level was good when we checked.

    There were wierd interactions with the radio so that if that was turned off the car made distorted quacking noises..
  6. mikedjames

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    Oil light , yes as this is just a switch. Probably needs a relay across the bulb to switch the binger.
    Charging light, need something cleverer to detect a couple of volts dropped across the bulb..its analog .
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  7. Oil theory.
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  8. Instead of across the bulb, could use a charging relay to detect that we're not generating 14v - bit of an over kill, but ready made.
  9. It doesn't talk. But it does listen.

    ***taps side of nose***
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  10. - Yes I did :thumbsup: £6.50 from eBay.
    Arrived this morning, and I've already tested it for the pleasing 'bong' on T2
  11. T2...or T5? Hard to decide :)...
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