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  1. Rushed for time at the mo dinky but ill come back and post some suggestions for you later dinky
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  3. Why do you ask if there suitable for winter camping dinky?

    Billy cans are at there best when used over an open fire

    If 90% of the time your cooking on a gas ring then you will be better off with a camping pan set with detachable handle

    Ill get some links for you once im back from the nursery run
  4. That be awesome ty both :)
  5. Right first off dinky what type of cooking will you be doing most often?

    Is it mostly going to be on a gas ring in your van or is it mostly going to be on an open fire(remember its not always possible to have an open fire and a lot of campsites dont allow it)
  6. Hmmmmm well a bit of both i would say, always wanted to try the open fire cooking, so i did a bit of looking thro Amazon to see whats about and saw that billy can and a odd looking kettle with a fire thingie under it, thought there intresting.. so bit unsure.
  7. Ok so its going to be a bit of both thats no problem

    Billy cans are usefull over an open fire because of the handle that allows you to hang the billy over the fire from a stick or tripod chain etc

    Theres a bit of a knack to pouring or serving from them and when used on a gas ring the handles have a tendancy to drop down and become very hot

    If you go for a more traditional style camping pan set with removeable handles then these are easy to use on a gas ring but can also be used over an open fire if you have a supported grate to rest them on(often called a trivit)

    Cast iron cookware is the daddy when it comes to open fire cooking but has its down sides
    Its heavy and needs taking care of by seasoning often and you dont clean it with water and washing up liquid like you do normal cookware.
    When used on a gas hob it takes longer for food to cook as the heat is first taken up getting the cast iron to temperature before the food starts to cook

    For use on a gas ring and also for occasional use over an open fire with a grate id go for a set of tilley vintage camping pans
    They often come up on ebay and are built good and strong and will take a lot of abuse but not much caring for



    Somthing like this is the modern equivelant but wont be as strong and durable but will be suitable for gas rings and a fire grate
  8. I just grab stuff from the kitchen - cooking is cooking wherever you do it. A steamer is good when you're short of rings and getting creative. :thumbsup:

    I find things get burnt onto those thin ali billy cans. Carp for frying too.
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    can i just bring the tone down and say dog said "dutch oven" snigger.........
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  15. Use your tripod like this:

    Schwenken, das (saarländisch für 'grillen')

    Used to live in Saarland (Germany, but a lot like France) and this is the outdoor cooking method of choice. Obviously, being German, a meat only diet is acceptable, maybe a bit of bread too, but mainly meat.
  16. yehhh they do tend to turn loool, great way covering cooking all the food lol

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