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  1. sorry about that last post, should of said, I bought my bus 3 years ago, for the price of 8k, all I wanted was a bay, didn't know about different models, ie devon, westfalia, or anything, just wanted a camper, any ways, it was very shiney, nice colour, nice wheels, ...... but now its in for respray, now that's underway, its apparent, its been bodged, so now , instead of a quick job, its gonna be off the road for quite a while, ive already had to replace gearbox, clutch,carbs, electrics, so all im saying is, if your going to buy one, look beyond the shine, and keep your eyes wide open,
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  2. Such an interesting read! We bought a 79 converted panel van back in October and are just starting to 'do a bit to it '
    We were novices and didn't realise ours was a converted panel and I must say I love her and she does look very cool (I think) but still that little twinge of disappointment in the fact she's a converted panel!
    (Now you all say it doesn't matter and stop that niggle in my head)
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  4. Why disappointment?

    Devon (or Danbury, cant remember who) did the conversion, not like someone got a grinder & hacked away willy nilly!! So, enjoy the ruddy bus :lol:
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  5. Lol.. We will!! To be honest we don't know if it's been converted by an individual or by one of the above as electrical wiring not great... Also one quickie... Why would our windows have metal trims as I've also seen panel vans with raised rubber surrounds??
    So just to clarify devon or Danbury did actually convert panel van I just presumed they only used the original buses ( ie with original factory windows)
    Our Vera is off to a mate next month for new units :) he's a cabinet maker and doing us a deal on sprucing her up a bit will add pics when I can..... I'm going to attach a pic of the units as are now !
  6. Westfalia converted buses with factory windows..Devon/Danbury converted panel vans, the window surrounds are different, hence the different glass!!

    The chrome trims are inserts, I think Rick has them on his bus, ours don't, they do look nice though!
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    Devon converted both panel vans and micro buses Mark. Sorry to correct you mate,but it's a bit of a myth this panel van thing. you can see pictures of kombi's going into J P Whites on a train in the Devon facts thread. :thumbsup:
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    I can help:

    Panel van conversions are crap, panel vans are crap. vans are crap, crap, good, vans are good, panel vans are good, panel van conversions are good.....

    No need to thank me, it's just a gift I have.....
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  9. TBH Malc, it was just a way of saying that Devon etc converted panel vans & not to worry, it was usual! Im not really bothered about the myths, who did, who didn't etc etc, just the fact that they should be enjoyed & what you have is what you've got!!

    :D :lol:
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  10. Well you learn something new every day!
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    I think most Devons had factory fitted windows maybe 90%/10% , you do see converted panel vans but by no means are they all Devons, I think I saw somewhere that Devon would convert your own van if you took it to them and this is where the confusion comes from. But in the main most converted panels are home made jobbies of all persuasions
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  12. :thinking: I'd say they definitely hacked away willy nilly, You should see some of the strengthening plates they thought you'd never see in mine! I'll take some pics if I remember. Mines a 74 factory windows for the record.
  13. Jeez! Id have thought they would have been a bit more careful!!
  14. They couldn't use grinders without covering all the glass, paint and stuff I suppose so they used tin snips from the look of it, and guessed the shapes. The upstands on the roof holes are very DIY. They didn't paint bare metal up there if it cracked off when they bent it, nor tidy the rough snipped edges or even deburr.
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  15. I've also got the chrome trim inserts on my Devon Moonraker converted panel they do look good.

    Seal kits for converted panel vans seem to be the black filler strip though from what I've seen from suppliers.
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  16. Hi could you put up some pics?
  17. Only ones I've got currently, I'll try and get some better ones soon.


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