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  1. Can anyone recommend a decent place to buy the coolant pipework etc for the impreza engine?

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  2. Sorry, no idea.

    Proper bays are air cooled and don't need water.
    Apologies for not being more helpful but I had to point out the obvious. Hopefully you won't see the envy in my respose
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  3. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Fellows sell them all I think, but @pkrboo will know.
  4. on my own conversion I ued the plastic pipes from aT25 chopped up and adjusted to fit. on a recent conversion I iused straight aluminium pipework wth silicon bends and joiners to work out a roure.

    Fellows sell pipework amnd a rad that is pretty much bolt on.
  5. I also used T25 pipe (copying matts tried & tested idea ) cut up and flexi’s to join. Think I paid £25 for 2 pipes from Julian parts emporium.

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