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  1. After using my original VW jack, AKA- The Widowmaker, I wondered if anybody had invented some sort of airbag lift yet. I imagined it would have a compressor that plugged into the cigar lighter. So I looked it up. What they have come up with is even better. No compressor. Your exhaust fills it, and in a mere 30 seconds or so. It has a valve to hold the er- smog in so you can turn the engine off. Some models have a port so you can also fill it with a compressor or a tank, presumably if one's car won't start. (in which case I should think you would simply call a tow truck and wash your hands of the entire affair, but there you have the option anyway)
    They claim to be safe and effective on uneven terrain, snow, mud, sand and other places where a conventional jack would be out of the question. They also fold down to flat disc shape that looks like it would slide right under your spare.
    I looked at several and prices range from about $70 up into the thousands. I didn't bother to find out what made the expensive ones so special. After reading the impressive reviews of the $70 versions why would I?
    So no, I haven't tried one myself yet, but like I said, I did read the reviews and they are good. I will have one eventually, but I wanted to introduce this product to all you other bus owners before somebody loses a finger or worse.
    They're called Exhaust Jacks. Amazon has the $70 version.
    Oh, and since they are flat when deflated, they work in low clearance situations for all you crazy low-riders out there.
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  2. Saw small version of this for levelling yest when at camper shop looking at awnings. Might melt on my exhaust ;D. Could see some pulling some stunts with them after a few shand :))ys
  3. HA! I too was wondering what sort of trouble one could get into with one of these. 8)
    At the very least I could finally clean under my waterbed.
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