Bertie's Journey! 1973 panel van

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Louise, May 21, 2019.

  1. I purchased Bertie in April. I fell in love with him without seeing him in real life & hit Buy It Now immediately on eBay! Haha!!!

    Bertie's before photos:

    IMG_8218.jpg IMG_8220.jpg IMG_8222.jpg IMG_8223.jpg IMG_8224.jpg IMG_8225.jpg IMG_8227.jpg IMG_8228.jpg IMG_8232.jpg
  2. That colour scheme is different

    But it like it
  3. Booked onto an "Aircooled Workshop" at Midland prototype, for June. Hoping to learn lots for my journey with Bertie!

    Paint arrived from Avenue Coatings (BS18E49):

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  4. I'm not a fan at all!!! It's going to be changed. :)
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  5. Well I also like that pot of paint
  6. Pulled up the soggy chipboard in the back of the van. Really surprised it wasn't pure rust underneath. Go Bertie!

    IMG_8437.jpg IMG_8439.jpg IMG_8440.jpg
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  7. What's the colour called? Apart from BS18E49....
  8. What have you done with the cocktail bar behind the driver's seat?!
  9. I've seen it called "ice frost" on one website. It's a couple of shades lighter than duck egg blue.
  10. I just don't know what that would have been used for! I mean, open shelves?! HA! So random...
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  11. Out of curiosity, has it had a new engine lid fitted as its 1976 onwards (hinge style) and the corresponding hinge panel on the body?
  12. How are you painting it?
  13. Looks great - lots of potential but i quite like it `as is` :thumbsup:

  14. Cool bus! Whats with the vent forward of the rear scoops??
  15. Not a clue! I've had it a month & it came with no history. :(
  16. Planning to roller it - been inspired by the hand painted group on Facebook :) Solid blue with a white roof & bumpers
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  17. Thanks, I like the exterior paint choices on the whole, but the paint is lifting in places and there's some minor bubbling that's been bodged over. So if I've gotta got back to metal, I might as well pick a new colour. :)
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  18. I did wonder if you’d not had it long.

    Good luck with your adventures and making the bus yours, keep the posts coming :)
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  19. Looks like it came out of the club lounge of a PanAm jumbo jet, circa 1973 !

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