FOR SALE Bertha - 1978 Super Viking

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  1. Hi
    After a couple of conversations in other folk's threads it's time to advertise Bertha 'properly'.

    1978 Super Viking

    New Engine fitted in 2006 - now has less than 10k miles on

    Full Respray 2007

    Less than 40k miles in the last 15 years

    MOTs, service records and receipts for 15 years, from only 2 owners

    Electronic ignition. Electric hookup.

    MOT and tax March 2014

    Face-off stereo and 10 stack CD

    Driveaway awning, weatherproof cover, fiamma bike rack - all included.

    I have owned her for 18 months. I went 5 years without a bus before falling for her. But after 2 summers use, my wife has decided she (wife, not bus!) is too old (and so am I apparently) and has politely instructed me to pass her on to someone who will use her and enjoy her more....

    She is solid underneath, has had decent exposure to Waxoyl in the past. Bodywork is great (but not perfect). Original inside. Sleeps 4 upstairs and 2 down, although we've only ever used her for the 2 of us.

    She has started first time every time for me, she cruises all day on the motorway at 65 and is a solid as an ox.
    I have had her serviced twice and haven't needed to do anything else.

    Bad points - roof canvas needs replacing unless you want to keep the yacht sail tape that keeps the pvc windows adhered to the vinyl. (it is totally waterproof, btw). There are two 5p sized 'bullet holes' in the fibreglass on the roof that need filling and painting over. Brakes could be improved (couldn't they all?)

    I am based near Stockport. She is about to go to farmer Robert's barn where she spends the winter...I've got plenty of pics if anyone wants a look.

    I will sell her for £8,000. I won't sell her for less.
  2. You need pictures....
  3. See if you can post a couple of pics on here. A good amount of interest in Vikings recently!
  4. Thanks. I tried but it said the file was too large! That was just one pic, from my phone...any tips?
  5. :TTIWWP:
  6. pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics!!!
  7. blimey. I think you're keen on pics.
    Will try and work out when I get home how to compress a few and will try and upload later....
  8. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    If its as solid as it looks that is a bargain!
  9. Id say so!
  10. Glad you think so. Just need someone who is looking for one to get in touch...!
  11. Is this still available?
  12. That is a great price for the best conversion for a family
  13. I think this is the one that @t0ria has bought
  14. Ah, yes, that is the same one. Damn :(
  15. Really the steering wheels on the left in her profile picture ,though vikings were RHD?
  16. It's the same reg no.
  17. Yes this is my baby now! You can hire it off me if you like!
  18. The
    The steering wheel in the picture is on the left of my prototype Westie which I had before I bought Bertha. I also have a spitty- got a collection going on!
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  19. Now that's just greedy!

    Hopefully about to buy a different one, but thanks for the offer of hire :)

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