FOR SALE Bert, a fully restored 1979 Bay tin top camper - Reduced £27,500

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  1. Details: REDUCED!!

    £27,500 ono - Open to sensible offers

    We spent in excess of 35k all up. We are not expecting to make a profit, it was as much about doing it and the skills learnt along the way. Whilst that might not have been the original intention, the 6.5 years over the work have added to the costs!

    EDIT: Location added - Located near Malmesbury, Wiltshire

    Kevan Hewitt - 07973 720771
    Toby Davidson - 07867 569719

    The highlights are

    The bodywork - the largest section of work. Stripped to bare metal, starting with acid dip to remove all rust and filler and give access to the previous efforts to patch rust etc on the shell. We then replaced everything that needed doing, a full list available on the website or can be shared in here in additional posts if requested.

    Rewired - new loom, split charging system. (Note: the colour is the same as the exterior. The lighting within the workshop made it look very 'yellow')


    Engine rebuild - The engine was stripped down, cleaned and all components checked for wear and condition. New parts were fitted where possible to give the engine a suitable life expectancy to match the rest of the renovated van.

    Interior - One area we really went to town on was the interior. The aim was a mix of original and modern to ensure the history is maintained, but as comfortable as possible. Porsche Boxter front seats (Manual forward and back adjustment with electric tilt) are matched with a full width rock'n'roll bed in the back, new headliner, door cards, curtains, seatbelts (3 in rear, including two 3 point and a lap strap for the middle seat) etc in place, sounds mat insulation throughout, all trimmed to match by DEVON CUSTOM TRIMMERS in Barnstaple




    New Dometic sink and hob unit matched with a new Dometic 12v fridge.


    The old advert line of too much to list is true, full details of all work, parts and components are available here or by contacting either of us.

    Many more pictures of Bert and the work done are on the website.
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  2. The bodywork section taken from the website

    Details of Work and New Parts
    On initial inspection the bodywork, whilst needing work didn't look too bad. However, on closer inspection it was evident that to achieve our goal of a CamperVan fit for another forty years, extensive restoration was required. But, how to eradicate corrosion and prevent it re-occurring?

    Eradicating corrosion

    After a full strip down to a bare body shell, all areas showing signs of corrosion were cut away.

    The body shell was taken to Surface Processes Limited (SPL) in Dudley. There the body was subjected to two processes, one to remove everything that wasn't metal I.e. paint, filler sealer etc.. and the second to neutralise corrosion. In both processes the body is completely immersed ensuring the whole body is treated and areas otherwise inaccessible were treated. i.e. inside body sections, welded seams etc.

    Once Bert was back home as an extra protection he was treated with a corrosion converter. Extensive online research lead us to choose FERTAN which is widely used in car restoration.

    Having now got a corrosion free bodyshell we set about restoring it to its original condition.

    New panels were welded into place and areas repaired with stainless steel plate..

    New Panels fitted:- (Listed front to rear)

    Deformation Panel

    Front Panel

    Front Panel to Windscreen Panel

    Left and Right Hand cab floor Sections

    Left and Right Inner Wheel Arches

    Left and Right Hand Cab Door Outer Skins

    Left and Right Hand 1/4 Light Frames

    Left and Right Outer Wheel Arch Assemblies

    'B' Post lower Section Repair Panels

    Left and Right Inner, Middle and Outer Sill Panels

    Sliding Door Lower Half Repair Panel

    Left Hand Complete Rear Corner Panel

    Right Hand Corner Lower Half Repair Panel

    Left and Right Battery Trays

    Rear Valance Outer Panel

    Plus other small infill panels

    Bodywork Restoration
    Preparation and Paintwork

    On completion of restoring Bert's bodywork to its factory condition the next steps were painting, rust proofing and sound insulation

    Paintwork Preparation

    The welded joints for the new panels were filled and sanded to create the correct profiles.

    The whole body was hand sanded and degreased ready for the first coat of primer.

    An Acid Etching Primer from UPol was used. Two coats were applied.

    Next came several coats of UPol High Build Primer followed by hours of hand sanding and re-priming to achieve the desired surface finish ready for the colour coat.

    What colour to choose. We wanted something more colourful than the original off white and a colour faithful to Bert's age and heritage. After much searching we opted for Sand Yellow body inside and out with a white roof, dash, bumpers and wheels. The actual colours are RAL 2002 and Mini Pepper White. In keeping with Bert's original finish we opted for cellulose paint which is also easier to maintain and repair.

    The colour coats were applied in our own custom made heated paint booth and took several days and lots of flatting and repainting to get the desired finish.

    Finally, the bodywork was machine polished with three grades of polishing compound to get the result you can see today.

    Bodywork Restoration
    Preservation and Comfort

    Rust Proofing

    Having spent lots of time and money restoring the body we wanted to ensure that it would last for another forty years. To help with this the complete underside of the body and the panels that are bolt to it were primed and finished with UPol RAPTER. This is a very tough coating designed to protect against arduous off road use protecting against abrasions and salt water, chemicals etc.

    Next the body cavities were injected with DINITROL corrosion protector

    Sound and Heat Insulation

    The body was sound proofed using the kit from SOUND DEADENING. This uses pads bonded to the inside of panels to dampen out vibrations. On top of this a layer of butyl foam is added to further eliminate sound penetration to the interior and also provides a high level of heat insulation, Just what you need in a CamperVan

    Bodywork Restoration
    Finishing Touches

    Having spent many months and thousands of pounds restoring and improving the body shell we turned our thoughts to the finer details of the body. New chrome handles and locks were fitted to the cab doors, sliding door, tailgate and engine bay lid to improve overall appearance and security

    The external appearance was further enhanced with chrome wheel trims, four new tyres and black rubber inserts for the front and rear bumpers.

    New Laminated Windscreen, new six window seals for all fixed glass windows

    New Seals and window channels for cab windows, New Cab door window glass

    New bright metal trims round cab door windows

    New Door Mirrors

    New aperture seals for doors, sliding door, tailgate and engine lid

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  3. Braking System
    Safety and Reliability go hand in hand and we wanted to make sure that Bert would provide safe as well as trouble free motoring for many years and miles to come.

    Bert had been stored in a barn for thirteen years so it was decided that the complete braking system should be renewed.

    The few parts that were being reused (front Brake Back Plates) were cleaned back to bright metal, treated with FERTAN, etch primed hand primed with red lead prime and painted grey.

    New Bake Parts Fitted:-

    Front Brake Discs

    Front Brake Calipers

    Brake Pads

    Front Brake Hoses

    Master Cylinder

    All metal Brake Pipes (KUNIFER)

    Rear Brake Hoses

    Rear Brake Back Plates

    Rear Wheel Cylinders

    Brake Shoe Retaining springs etc.

    Rear Brake Compensator

    This part is no longer available, however it was stripped cleaned and reassembled and refitted.

    A complete list of new parts is listed on the Additional Information page, and a complete catalogue of receipts is available to view by prospective purchasers.

    Braking System, Suspension and Running Gear
    The VW T2 suspension system is quite simple using torsion bars front and rear.

    The rear torsion bars were removed inspected and refitted.

    The front torsion bars were also removed inspected and refitted, all were in good working condition

    Suspension ball joints were inspected for end float, all OK, new ball joint boots fitted

    New Suspension Parts Fitted:-

    Both Front and Rear Shock Absorbers were renewed along with all Anti Roll Bar rubber bushes and bump stops

    Braking System, Suspension and Running Gear
    Running Gear

    Steering Box was dismantled examined, rebuilt and pinion end float adjusted to eliminate play in the steering.

    Track rod ends all inspected and found to be in good condition

    New Parts Fitted:-

    Front Hub Bearings and Seals

    Rear Hub Bearings and Seals

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  4. Engine
    The engine had not been run for many years so the decision was taken to fully recondition it.

    The engine was stripped down, cleaned and all components checked for wear and condition.

    New Parts Fitted:-

    Two cylinder head assemblies complete with valves etc.

    Cylinders with Pistons and Rings

    Main Bearings

    Big End Bearings

    NB Crankshaft reground by specialist

    Cam Shaft Bearings

    Eight Push Rod Tubes

    All Gaskets and Seals

    Oil strainer

    Spark Plugs

    Distributor Points

    Air Cleaner Element

    Chrome Engine Dress Kit

    Aluminium Air Hoses

    Regrettably the photos of the engine rebuild were somehow lost.

    A complete list of new parts is listed on the Additional Information page, and a complete catalogue of receipts is available to view by prospective purchasers.

    Engine and Transmission
    Gearbox and Drive Shafts
    The gearbox is the only component not subjected to reworking apart from new gaskets and new gearbox input shaft oil seal

    The clutch centre plate and release bearing have been replaced along with the clutch cable

    The drive shafts were inspected and one CV Joint was replaced along with all four Drive Shaft Boots

    The gear change mechanism was removed cleaned and inspected and refitted with new bushes, gear knob and gear lever travel reducer kit

    Engine and Transmission
    Heating System and Exhaust

    To complete the engine restoration the Heating System and Exhaust were all renewed.

    New Parts Fitted:-

    Left and Right Heat Exchangers

    Concertina Insulated Connecting Pipes

    Heater Cables

    Silencer and Tail Pipe

    All heater system gaskets and seals

  5. Vehicle Wiring and Electrical Equipment
    From Bert's history we knew that in the past there had been some issues with the vehicle's wiring so we decided the safest and most reliable option would be to replace the complete wiring loom. After a couple of false starts we discovered an amazing company that specialises in VW wiring looms (VOLKSGOOD). We sent off our old wiring loom and received back a brand new loom complete with detailed instructions and wiring diagrams which are available for Bert's next owner.

    A split charging system kit was also fitted.

    New Parts Fitted:-

    Two Head Lights with Halogen Bulbs

    Side Light Bulb Holders

    Two Rear Light Cluster

    Number Plate Light

    Two Interior Lights

    All Bulbs Renewed

    All Fuses Renewed

    Interior Light Door switches

    Electric Windscreen Washer Kit

    Indicator Switch

    Wiper Switch

    Dash Warning Lights Bulbs and Bulb Holders

    Engine Starter Battery

    Leisure Battery

    Split Charging System

    Ignition Switch Key Barrel with Two Keys

    Fuel Tank Gauge Sender Unit

    Leisure Circuit Fuse Box
  6. Interior Trim
    Our Mission Statement states Bert's interior had to have a 'WOW' factor.

    To appreciate the interior it really needs to be seen .

    This was the most exciting part of the restoration as we were able to deviate from VW CamperVan specifications and be creative.

    Firstly we upgraded the driver and passenger seats to a high back design with seats taken from a Porsche Boxster.

    These manually adjust back and forward with the benefit of electric rake adjustment.

    For the creation of the modern interior we chose DEVON CUSTOM TRIMMERS in Barnstaple. Pip did an amazing job, making rear seat cushion and rear bed cushion. All of the seats and New Door Trim Cards trimmed in matching cream faux leather with patterned inserts (see photographs to appreciate).

    To further enhance the interior it is fitted with complimentary curtains, tan coloured seat belts for five people and a light tan headlining.

    The three spoked Wood Rim Steering Wheel lifts the whole interior and adds to its opulence.

    The cab carpets are by MADMATZ

    Interior Restoration Plus
    Camping Equipment
    Being camping and Motorhome enthusiasts we wanted to equip Bert with a high degree of self sufficiency. So Bert is well equipped for life on the road. In the kitchen unit you will find a DOMETIC two ring gas hob and sink unit with electric pump and a DOMETIC 12v FRIDGE all housed in a sturdy purpose built unit made form 18mm Beech Ply laminated with Tan and Black quality Formica. The unit also houses two 10litre plastic containers for fresh and waste water and comes with a foldaway table for indoor dining.

    There is a matching gas cylinder locker and behind the passenger seat there is a buddy seat incorporating a large storage space it is designed to fit a PortaPotty. There is additional storage space under the rear seat and an ancillary fuse box for the kitchen and interior lights. Additional lighting is provided to create a bright living area. The lighting, fridge and water pump are powered by the leisure battery which will give several days usage in the knowledge the main battery will still start the engine when it's time to move onto the next campsite.
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  7. What an absolutely beautiful job you’ve done.
  8. Really tidy work. Hope you get your price.


    It's a nice bus. Put it on the Samba site,

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