Bell housing or adapter plate

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  1. So what is everyone opinion between the two I like the idea of the bellhousing but I’m not keen on having to cut out parts of the bus to get it in and it’s cheaper by the looks of it. The adapter would leave everything as stock in the van from what I can gather but makes the clutch heavy so what’s are people’s opinions.
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    Adaptor doesn’t make the clutch heavy (or at least mine didn’t). I did eat several clutches though.
    Go subarugears if you can stretch to it.
  3. I haven’t got the cash (yet) for Subarugears so will be a 091 6 rib for the time being I’m leaning towards the adapter plate I assume it uses a standard type 4 starter and clutch.
  4. Thats what Matt has installed on ours. The adaptor plate looks a nice substantial piece of kit to be fair :)
  5. I waiting for Matt to update your build if I’m right yours is the one he turned the inlet manifold on which is what I have on mine.
  6. That's the one Ian. I may have a couple of photo's, I'll look when Im home
  7. many thanks any info i can gain now will stop my buying stuff and having to change direction later lol
  8. :lol: don't rely on my information as being correct, my advice on the build was the RAL colour Matt coded the bits to :D
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  10. It does, Matt is doing a great job, I'm looking forward to getting the bus home :D
  11. I’m very jealous I’m still in the buying parts and saving money to buy parts at the moment so can’t see me getting mine in for another year yet.
  12. It'll be worth the wait I'm sure. The day Matt took me for a run in his, I was sold, the conversions look at home!
  13. @MorkC68 do you know what clutch he is putting in or will it be the one you already had ?
  14. Its a brand new clutch assembly, I'm assuming 228mm for a 6-rib gearbox but cant be sure tbh (I forgot what he said).
  15. Been thinking about this
    Subaru gears would be the best option by far but expensive so that's for my phase 2 project
    Bellhousing conversion should be a better option but means taking gearbox out altering and basically something else to mess with and put back together
    So that leaves the adapter plate bolt it on bolt flywheel on clutch etc and more or less the same cost as Bellhousing conversion
    So thats what I am going for unless something comes along at the right time right price
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  16. The only issue with the bell housing that I’ve found is the fact that you have to cut the gearbox mounting out of the bus to make it work so I believe. I’ve picked up a KEP adapter plate and flywheel from Facebook delivered at a total of £350 (if it arrives and is not a con lol ) second hand of course so that the route I’m going.
  17. I think I’ll also go with the fellows speed engine mount as this is bolt in no welding required :eek:
  18. Nice find with the adapter plate
    The fellows support bar is my plan b hope to make one
  19. I use the adaptor plate setup from speedbullz. comes with a new machined flywheel that is made by a factory that makes mercedes flywheels, the adaptor plate and the strange, quite hard to find pitch size bolts that subaru use.

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