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  1. Dazza

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    interested in hearing people’s reccomendations for campsites in Belgium along the coast , we’ll be arriving at Zeebrugge , planning on going around July next year , thank you
  2. I saw this post whilst in Belgium, just got the Zeebrugge ferry back last night.

    You'll definitely want to visit Brugge and for that id recommend booking in advance (camping Memling).

    We didn't book in advance and couldn't get in as it was V busy.

    Instead we stayed at Jaber Wookie and got the bus into Bruge (ill get the correct name of the place later)

    Are you a Sep techenders (if so i can share a few thoughts).

    I'm also going to write up my trip report at some point
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  3. Dazza

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    I will be at TE @paulcalf so we’ll chat then :thumbsup:

    We’re off to Brugge in October on a P&O mini cruise thing - insanely cheap for the three of us so we’ll get that out the way and concentrate on the beaches hopefully :thumbsup:
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  4. Rez


    European Bug in is every 2 years in Chimay. It's usually around the end of June and is on in 2020 again
  5. Is that in the camper? or as foot passengers
  6. Dazza

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    Didn’t go in the end :thumbsup:

    what’s the translation of Jaber wookie ?

    looking at booking somewhere
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  8. It was on your recommendation that we went there.

    Thanks again, as without it we would have had to skip Brugge
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  9. Dazza

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    Just got to get my head round a £600 ferry :eek:
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  10. How long would it take you to get to Harwich?

    Harwich to Holland in daytime cost us 100quid ish no cabin needed to

    Zeebrugge back to Hull was much more and you have to have a cabin.
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  11. I bet that was brillig and full of slithy toves gyring and gimbling in the wabe. (not to mention all the mimsy borogroves)...
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  12. Hi Dazza,
    I don't know specially about Zeebruge but I use very often an appli called Park4night to find campsites.
    Last summer we found a very nice, friendly and convenient one close enough to London and just outside of LEZ : Lee Valley, Waltham.
    I hope you will enjoy our belgian neighbours and their easy spirit next summer.
    Note : we have a T4 but always look at all Combis.
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  13. Dazza

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    I’ve weighed up pros and cons , yes a lot cheaper to head from notts down south and make up most of the mileage in the camper , more than likely stop at a premier inn the night before and then head over , but it’s only 60 miles to hull and 40 ish to a camp site the other side , I quite like the idea of that and spending the night on the ferry , setting off t’other side and getting to the campsite before lunchtime .. hassle free ( hopefully) ... I don’t know .. decisions decisions :rolleyes:
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  14. Dazza

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    I’ve looked at that app, never used it but will check it out again, especially if we drive south to get a dover or harwich ferry :thumbsup:
  15. Only problem is you cant usually book into the campsite until after 3pm.

    We drove down to Dover and then ferry and a quick drive from Dunkirk to Belgium. Really quick, lots of places to stop just outside Dunkirk to stock up on beer and wine

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  16. Dazza

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    Good point :thumbsup:
  17. It took us about 4hrs to get from Sheffield to Harwich, we arrived for the Monday morning ferry before most people got there for the Sunday evening ferry. We stayed over in the ferry car park!

    On the way back the convenience of Zeebrugge to Hull was well worth it, despite the massive cost. It saved us loads of UK driving.

    If you are in caravan club you get a 5-10% discount, not sure it saved us enough to justify membership fee though.
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