Beef cobbler nice grub for colder nights in october

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    Served it with some broc and some monggeee tooo roderney:D


    Its a beef stew made with shin of beef ,
    carrots, swede, mushrooms, a tomatoe, celery ,red and green peppers ,couple of knorr beef stock cubes, oxo and topped with a herbee crust dumpling , cooked firstly on a very slow ring on top for nearly three hours then finished of in the oven for another half an hr in a casserole dish with cobblers on top which are herbie , mixed herbs bit extra rosemary and sage , this gives the dumpling a crunch top . mmmmmm
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  2. its ok..

    but it ain a borg in yon ...:D
  3. or stef ard o :D

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