Bearded Theory Festival Weekend Ticket

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  1. Spare ticket for sale.

    One Adult Weekend Ticket to this:

    Face value £74.00 + the booking fee they always sting you means its £80.00
  2. free bump
    a bloke at work is playing at this one and its sold out so should be a good un :thinking:
  3. .... and its my 40th birthday party :)
  5. Which bands/dj's have you got plans to catch?
  6. Friday I'm going for Los Albertos (because Adam Ant really should retire and give it up as a bad job) and Sicknote

    Saturday Ferocious Dog are an absolute MUST! My 40th birthday party starts at the Hobo Jones set at the Water's edge in the evening , probbaly followed by 3 daft monkeys and then either Back to the Planet or the Damned not sure yet, and the cracked actors would be good to catch

    Sunday Dreadzone, Devils Prefects, Ash Victim and RDF

    and Doozer and I and whoever else we can co-opt into playing (Dan from Ferocious Dog, Cosmo, Gail Something-else etc...) are doing a few Deferred Sucess sets at Angel Gardens and the Something-Else Tea Tent somewhere along the way hangovers permitting :)
  7. Sold
  9. 72wilma

    72wilma Moderator

    and us too!! ^-^
  10. go and see the ten o’clock horses let me know what you think i work with the lead singer the fat one with dreads :thinking:

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