Bearded Theory 21-24th may catton hall derbyshire

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  1. yeh it's supposed to today and tomorrow then I think we're clear for the weekend but it's catton hall... it's spongey underfoot at catton hall even in a drought
  2. 72wilma

    72wilma Moderator

    i have new birthday wellies :)
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  3. The sun came out about 3pm, it's drying nicely now
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  4. I'm gone! cya in a field :)
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  5. That green one looks about the same size as my awning.

    Awning/paragliding 'chute depending on weather ;-)
  6. Planning to set off about 10am tomorrow
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  7. Don't suppose anyone is heading there via Tenbury Wells a few miles from Leominster?

    I've got a single drivers seat to pick up - said I'd go on Monday but its 80 miles the wrong way for me - happy to pay for fuel/beer/date with Carlot25 ?

  8. Here and it's fine.
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  9. Well that was fun.... :) I've got time off now for a bit. three festivals in 4 weekends has actually broken me I think.
  10. I bet you're not as broken as @Paley ... I'm sure @yorkshirecampers will be along shortly to share the tale ... o_O
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