Bealach na Bà - or - Pass of the Cattle.

Discussion in 'Scotland' started by sANDYbAY, Jan 23, 2017.

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    Done it in a hired and well worn 1600 T2 2 years ago, mostly 2nd gear and steady speed, nothing will pass you as its mostly singe track with passing places. Keep your eyes peeled and hone your defensive driving so you might not have to stop in passing places but just use them for space..some of the folk coming toward you will scupper your plans but for the most part its manageable ... a couple of the switch backs are brutal 1st gear manoeuvres.

    My buddy was in his hired t2 he was in 1st most of the way but that van had problems from day 1...

    We both made it with engines gearboxes and clutches intact... Go for it..

    Also if you are doing it dont hammer up the A9 thats as dull as dishwater, nip up by Glenshee / Braemar and over the lecht.. bit more complicated than the A9 but much much more adventure on route.. stop at Glenshee and take the chairlift up the ski run... enjoy the run through the glen and scare your self Marmiteless on the decent from the lecht... loads of wee places to stop and see before you come out on a back road immediately opposite a cracking wee campsite just on the outskirts of Inverness.... :)

    To be honest, I usually come back that way as the east coast side, where I live, is pretty much a disappointment after you have savoured the delights of the rugged west coast...

    Im hoping to have my van on the road this year and the first major trip after a few shakedowns will be back up the NC500

    Its also an idea to do Skye , then back to the mainland, applecross etc and up as far as Durness.. then come down the mid section returning via the route mentioned above ...
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    If you do take the A9 option, dont go all the way to inverness, turn off at Dalwhinnie and head west in the general direction of Kyle of lochalsh

    when do you plan to go? I might see you on route :)
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  3. Done it a loads of times. Got mates who live in Applecross and Toscaig. All the uplift in gear two. It's pretty Alpine, with switchbacks, you'll love it. The pub at Applecross is ace, stay in the campsite. view of the cuillins are something else, make sure to fill up in strathcarron.....
    Biking it I haven't done yet, but the desecent towards the inner sound, mmmmmm
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    We're (hopefully) going the middle two weeks of August. Just waiting on confirmation from @Lardy 's bosses that he can have the time off work. If so it'll be a three van trip with us and @MK-Bay. I'm sure I'm speaking for the others when I say we'd love it if you could make it a four van trip. :thumbsup:

    Thanks for all the info about the route as well, gratefully received.
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  5. redoxide

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    Im available at any time. It would be cool to meet up for a day or so to do part of the trip and get acquainted :thumbsup:
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    That'd be brilliant, whereabouts are you?
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    Campervans do it Ok there is just one tight bend half way up to the summit , apart from that the biggest drag is the stopping and starting to make way for the on comings . we drove from Applecross round the perimeter north, and stopped at Torridon quite steady and level, there is the occasional steep dip
    But the scenery is fantastic , did it in early May it was the hottest on record , it was like being down in south of France .
    Locals in Mallaig said it was snowing two weeks prior .
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    Im just on the outskirts of Forfar ( east coast) :)
  9. redoxide

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    Have you any more plans for this trip.. ?
  10. sANDYbAY

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    A couple of the vans aren't roadworthy at the moment but if they get sorted the trip is still on.
  11. redoxide

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    keep me posted. Im still up for it..
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  12. Tried to in March 1997, but gave up with the snow. But a few cars were descending having come from the western side.

    Concluded that Bays are not happy unless on solid tarmac!
  13. Yes, twice ;)
  14. redoxide

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    Are you still planning to do the west coast in a few weeks ?
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    Did this yesterday!! Respect to those doing it in a T2! I don’t mind go up in the van it’s the coming down I don’t like. Mainly due to 3x my brakes have overheated on steep inclines and decided to stop working properly!

    It was hairier at times than I expected! Tho only extra stress was that we’ve hired a big camper so the length on passing places meant trying to avoid dropping off the tarmac at times.

    Glad we did it tho, and that it’s not very busy either :)
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    We didn't go in 2017 or 2018 or indeed 2019 and not 2020 either. but this year is the year, fingers crossed.

    We suddenly became extremely poor in 2020 so we've had to rethink how and what we'll do in the future as our savings have been used and its a good while until I'm old enough for my pension.
    So we've sold our other house and intended to use the money for a massive couple of month Autumn photographic tour of Scotland in Skippy.
    How naive we three months after we sold the house we are STILL waiting for exchange of contracts , completion and some flipping money.:mad:
    At this rate it'll be Hogmanay in Scotland rather than autumn. :(
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  17. sANDYbAY

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    Very jealous, wish I was there.
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  18. Merlin Cat

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    Blimey that’s a long time to wait! Hogmanay would be fun, tho snow may restrict your travel. Prices probably whizz up too. Sorry about using up your savings :(.

    we are on Skye now. It’s grey.
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