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  1. Right, the nice man at Bugs'n'buses has got my van running sweetly (but doesn't think it'll run and run and run...) enough that I can make the 1.3 mile journey to Beacbuggin'!

    Who else is going? Look out for me in the blue and white van with stick on chrome trim!!

    I there a cruise or something I can join so I can at least get the chokes warmed up!?

  2. ill be there coming back from lymington new forest camping :) with a convoy of the brown stars vw club :) so watch out for vinnie cant miss him....

  3. Diddymen

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    I'll be there (obviously not in the bus yet :( ) long as the weather is good :D
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  4. maybe ...
  5. I will be there on the Aircooled Monkeys club pitch
  6. Been and come back... Great day out!! Most of all it was Sunny's (our dog) first show... He was very well behaved, got a load of admiring looks and only barked at the carpet guys and one of Nicki's colleagues!!

    Hopefully a sign that he'll be comfortable going to a few other shows... At the moment zonked out on the sofa!!

    Good work to all involved from PKW!!
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  7. i overslept and by the time i got up would have not been there till much later .. oohps

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