Beach Buggin' - Southsea Common, Portsmouth - 14th Aug 2011

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  1. We hope to be there. It's a small show but was good weather last year and they have a beach! :D
  2. We will be coming down for Beach Buggin, but won't be bring Elsie as we are staying in Southampton over night and don't want to leave her on the streets. :'(
    I will have my TLB t-shirt on, so anyone spots me please come and say hi. 8)
  3. still maybe from me
  4. hmmmmmmmm - maybe
  5. im going tomorrow to stay with the brownstars lot at

    check their toilet video made me pmsl :)

    if anyone else wants to come let me know im sure there will be space meeting at services tomorrow afternoon and then after camping we will set off from the new forest sunday in a convoy to beach buggin :)

    this weekend at the camp they said good chances of shooting stars cant wait!!!
  6. Will be at Beach Buggin 
  7. ah cool ... i am getting more and more tempted to pop along ...
  8. we are going down to this one tomorrow :D
  9. think i will be going on the train and not in the van
  10. On way back from devon, will pop in if the wifie says its ok lol!!!
  12. Hi All
    new to this forum lark

    felt i had to comment on this show, we have`nt been to this show for a few years, it was a top show this year lovely weather, nice vans/beetles/bugs,a big thank you to the organisers for a great day :) .

    Cheers M
  14. really good show again kids loved it as well and great weather got a bit sun burnt too :p

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