Be careful when you are camping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Barry Haynes, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. I think you have more chance of being murdered whilst camping than at any other time , have you noticed whenever they find a body it's always in a tent
  2. You in Trafalgar square Bazza?
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  3. Let’s hope it’s not a green one..,
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  4. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Is this why BT engineers have binned off the stripey tents?
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  5. You see I'm right:thumbsup:
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  6. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    I didn’t realise they had been the victim of does explain the p**s poor performance of my broadband.
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  7. Known plenty of times when I thought summat had died in the tent, though the body was pretty lively.
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  8. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    Not out here, or killers seem to prefer wheelie bins or suitcases.
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  9. Carry on camping baz bras loose :eek:
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  10. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    I saw someone that had died in a tent once :(
  11. Glastonbury Festival?
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  12. Nice to know that your homicidal maniacs are a tidy bunch. Can't stand an untidy murde.
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  13. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    A scooter rally in Belgium , 45 year old Spanish lad had a heart attack in the night, his friends found him , he had a wife and kids back in Spain :(
  14. Either that or kids running towards them and dangerously crossing roads thinking they were Punch and Judy shows
  15. You'd think with all that space you have over there they'd camp in something less cramped
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