Baywindow single cab poss swap

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  1. 1974 single cab pickup, 1600 cc

    Left hand drive, imported in 2008 from Austria, i have the original owners manual service book thingy it comes with, which shows when it had services done
    the first cost 15

    Narrowed and lowered front beam from creative engineering

    stock wheels powder coated red with chrome hubcaps look sweet

    Blue paint, faded by sun, bodywork has the usual rust spots nothing too bad at the moment.

    pickup loading bed is imaculate as oringinally had a wide wooden back on it, until i found some drop gates. thats why they are a different colour.

    rear valance has been removed and now has a removable rear valance, which helps when working on engine.

    interior is excellant

    all bodywork repairs have been done by previous owner, and i hanvt had time to make perfect. drivers door is stiff where the step has been replaced. needs sorting

    Engine has never let me down and starts first time everytime.

    i will chuck in also the ali box in the back of the truck, has coca cola painted on it.

    Mot has run out but if it goes for the right price ill get one put on her. but has no tax

    viewing welcome and recommended

    link to album with all the pics in check them out

    May consider swap, what you got?

    Based in Dartford, Kent

    £4600 ono

    call matthew on 07403021754

    Message or email me at matthew_g_l AT
  2. What type of engine is in it?
  3. 1600 twinport type 1
  4. hailfrank

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  5. you got a flat Matt :p

    nice pick up this,Matt works in the same estate as Cool Air
  6. Ha ha ha yeah I know, it had been sitting a while in the garage. All pumped up now :)
  7. I would love that :(
    Shame I have no room on the drive
  8. Could all go
    In the back, give you some peace and quite lol
  9. Ha ha ha love it
  10. why aren't matts posts increasing?
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    i'm guessing as
  12. hailfrank

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    our post
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    count doesn't increase in these sections. never noticed that :) in a way thats good as stops people posting pointless replies just to add another post to their name :)
  15. Now £3999
  17. Sure are, need the space and money for my 78 bay
  18. I would love it I just dont have the cash right now.

    I would have thought at that price someone would bite your hand off.

    Neptune blue , narrowed, single cab! Things dont get much cooler!
  19. Im surprised aswell, not much is selling at the moment. Everyone trying to swap, and thanks it is very cool to drive..

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