WANTED Bay Wanted, must be sorted mechanically/chassis/body, £9k max.

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  1. Hi

    I'm after a T2. Prefer tintop, though will consider pop. Don't need a bells and whistles camping interior but does need to be smart. Preferably lowered. Lighter coloured bodywork. 9k to spend.

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    Any good? Riviera.
  3. I was gonna wait till spring, but....:)
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  4. Ted?
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  5. I've been trumped. :D
  6. Nice that....however colour not for me. Thanks for posting
  7. Teds not a full on camper though, no indoor cooker. (Cos we didn't want one)
  8. Fairy Nuff.
  9. Ted...yeh interior pics and any relevant info re condition/work would be much appreciated.
  10. What colour would you like?
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  11. Crossed posts chaps, wasn't keen on the bright yellow. Don't care about cooker as would never cook inside. Nice van that Ted, tell me more
  12. Am very conscious that I'm giving a personal opinion on someone's pride and joy, and based on a single pic. No wish to pish anyone off.....to answer your question, pastel colours magnolia, green, cream, poss blue.
  13. No prob with you not liking the colour.
    I only asked so I could pop down B&Q and get some brushes and a pot of your choice. :)
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  14. sANDYbAY

    sANDYbAY On benefits-won't sponsor!

    You haven't upset him, it was a genuine question. @oscar is a photoshop guru and can mock up a van in any colour you like.
    Show him your stuff Oscar.
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  15. thats me out too then :rolleyes:
  16. It takes longer now. I'm upping my game.

    And beigeish
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  17. 1972 Cross over Bay Window Tin top Deluxe Model. Californian import, not perfect but no deep seated rust. Sills, gutters, roof, wings, doors, floors, etc all good. MOT and free tax!

    Good points.
    Excellent bumpers and rare overriders.
    Towbar and electrics.
    New front lights and new rear lights.
    1800cc engine now rebuilt to a 1910cc. Crane cam. External oil cooler.
    Twin 40 Solex Carbs.
    Powder coated tins and fan, new coil and electronic ignition.
    New fuel pump.
    New exhaust.
    Twin engine batteries.
    Refurbed Mercedes Alloys with new tyres and Porsche centres.
    New discs, new calipers, new shoes, new cables.
    Wood and alloy steering wheel, led backlights, supplementary heating blower, digital radio, CB, parcel shelf, oil temp gauge and volt meter.
    Empi shifter.
    Saab leather seats, T25 Westfalia interior, rock'n'roll bed, no cooker.
    Huge inverter and leisure battery, split charger, will run anything. 240v hook up and conditioning charger, all new.
    Solid underside, good front, back, arches, doors etc etc
    Nice carpets etc etc.

    The Propex is negotiable as an extra as it's the super duper one but can be removed in 30 mins.

    Bad points.
    Some non original bits such as indicator switch, steering wheel, seats etc.
    Base of windscreen leaks and does need repair. Not massive issue but deffo the worst bit on him. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
    Bus was repainted many years ago in USA and it's beginning to show it's age.
    2xTear in headlining.
    Needs door rubbers etc.
    Odd scratches commensurate with age.
    It's 43 years old ffs!
    I'm keeping the roof racks.

    £10k may take px or negotiate a bit.

    Feel free to ask questions and feel free to PM/speak to those on here who know Ted.
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  18. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  19. You know how clouds sometimes look like something else. That one on the left reminds me of a strong man. Isn't nature weird.
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