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    Ok I know the left side tray isn’t technically a battery tray but it’s where a lot of people put their leisure batteries.

    I’ve just removed my LB to look at the state of the tray and try to figure out how to secure the battery (PO left it floating, all 110ah of it :rolleyes:).Anyway, I noticed that the depressions in the tray are not square like in the right but oval and there is what looks like a fixing hole for something. I wonder if this is for a diesel or gas tank for the factory fitted heater that would have been previously installed? Anyone know?
    Nothing major, I’m just curious. Oh, I’m thinking of drilling two holes for the battery retainer so I’d like to know that I’m not destroying some rare part :p
  2. That’s an prototype -71 battery tray.

    Or a previous owner has fitted it to your late bay, in your he absence of the original battery clamp setup you can fit an over battery clamp easily with only 2 holes required, you’ve got 1 already, there might be another further back.
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  3. About as simple as it can get!
  4. You’re spot on. It’s a ‘71.
    The existing hole is too far away from the wheel arch (the battery is a 110ah, it’s massive) so I’d have to drill 2.
  5. The oval pattern was to sit a hot-tub on. Most Cali imports had them, but as fashions changed many were replaced with a Toys-R-Us trampoline.
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  6. British imports had something far more practical fitted.
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  7. The hole is simply a drain hole.
    Buy a battery clamp drill a hole and bolt it down.
    I also put alot of waxoil on the tray before i bolted it down.[​IMG]

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    I have my battery the other way, ensuring that the negative it closer to the spare wheel metalwork, just in case a spanner/socket set shorted the battery.
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  11. Don't you need the lip on the other side of the clamp? Or, did you weld one in?
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