Battery tray. VW Heritage (original and repro)

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    Battery trays. VW Heritage. Original £18.34 10/10. Repro £16.30 Why bother??

    This is a quick review on one item but with 2 different items.

    Battery trays are one item that on a bus is very prone to rot so you want something that is going to be up to the job and you can't go wrong with an original. The gauge of the steel is better. The pressing is superior. The actual stay for the battery out of this world and there is even the bit added for the clap bolt. OK so that might be an exaggeration as it's only a battery tray but when compared to the feeble poor pressings of the repro and the poor quality in general you will see what l mean. With there being only a £2 difference l wouldn't pay anything near £16.30 for the repro. It really is worth only half that of the original and then less due to the thing looking like it is an epic fail.

    Want my advice, don't have that Mars bar but instead put the extra £2 into the better quality tray.

    No need to guess which is which.

  2. You gotta wonder why the little man in the factory that makes the repro ones bothers going to work in the morning. and also if he's ever seen a t2 :)
  3. Got to agree, the genuine ones are good quality.

    Only difference I found is that the drain hole is slightly bigger so I cant reuse my original one way rubber bung.

    ....Think I paid about £20 each for mine so £18.34 sounds a good price for genuine too
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    Diddyman that will be 2 Mars bars then :) The price l quoted was from the current VWH catalog. l do believe their prices may have increased a little.
  5. make your own out of stainless plate and never have to replace them again





  6. £18.95 for the Genuine one now, £16.96 for the cheap looking thing.

    Mine's rotten through, worst panel in the Bus which is pretty impressive!
  7. where do you get genuine panels....? ???
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