WANTED Basket Case

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by outlaw, Jun 6, 2020.

  1. Any basket cases out there for sale or unfinished projects
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  2. Jim do you know of any ??
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  3. JamesLey

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    Sorry don’t at the mo. My mate Rich was restoring his and had to sell recently but it’s already gone!

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  4. Jim its that LUST FOR RUST i have
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    Tried Simon at NOS or Gary at Cool Campers?

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  6. I walked past a farm a few miles away from me today........ Amongst the usual dumped farm tat and rusting Marmitee..... There were no less than 5 bays in various stages of decrepidness!
  7. Milky

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    Any pics
  8. Didn't have my phone I'm afraid....
  9. Definitely rough though!
  10. Do you know the farmer nobby ??? May be worth a knock
  11. Don't know him, might ask around though. Few miles out from my village though.
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  12. I have a 1973 Dormobile that I bought a couple of years ago, but I'm fast realising that I will never get around to doing it.

    No idea what it is worth, but let me know if it is something you'd be interested in. It's in storage so getting pics is a faff and I don't want to get it out if it isn't what you're after.

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  13. How far from you is acceptable? I've heard of one for sale just off J34 M1 (Meadowhall, Sheffield). It's only a couple of grand, so would presumably fit the bill.
    I can go and take photos if you're interested.
  14. There may be a twin slider tin top i know of ...there is a 1600 engine with it ..out of it mind ...just messaged someone to find out if it is still around as it was 3 years back i saw it .
  15. Sorry forgot to say it's whereabouts between Bosley and Macclesfield .
  16. I know that one too
  17. Possibly a 79 Bay Panelvan coming up for sale?
  18. Moo

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    what's your budget? And how much of a basket case do you want????

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