FOR SALE Basil the westfalia

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    Up for sale due to changes with my job.... not being used now unfortunately
    Basil was found rotting away in a garden 4 years ago,we have had the front end replaced,the the next winter did the rear,last winter we planned to have work done on the rusty gutters,but Basil`s engine went pop!
    so had to have the engine rebuilt with a new bottom end
    he has the usual westy interior including stool and flyscreen
    safari rear window,1641 engine with twin dells which were rebuilt and have the correct jets,new fuel lines with the engine build,good reliable bus and been to North Wales twice and up to camperjam
    Mot is July 2014,
    last years was new rear shocks.. this year has had the rear brakes rebuilt carbs balanced all the tinware checked runs way better now
    we live in Cornwall and asking around the £8000 mark
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    loads of old Mots and bills going back yeeeeears!
    any questions please feel free to email or call me on 07970528756/01209215740
    jon always at work so I may need to call you back
  7. up on a certain auction site too
  8. back up for sale.:(
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  9. unfortunatly back up for sale,due to work changes....... I have a 35 mile commute to work now:(
  10. open to offfers as I now need a car/cheap van for work
  11. your missus has found out about you trying to sell her van

    i would sleep in the garage tonight if i were you
  12. can`t afford to run it.....
  13. offers now I`m off sick due to busted foot
  14. hup
  15. reduced price.£8000
  16. or nearest offer
  17. still here for sale,been used last weekend up to Cardinham woods for a barbie,running great
  18. What's the lowest price you will drop too ????
  19. I would prefer you to come and have a look
  20. started today after a looong rest running great!

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