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  1. Looking for a club in the area if anyone can help :thumbsup:
  2. Well there's a meet at the Old Post Office I think.
    Look at BADVWOC on facebook.
    Or SVWOC meet regular in Shellfield.
    again on FB is donnydubs or something like that.
  3. I may as well live up there the among of time I spend going skiing with the kids and to the rugby.
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    Your in luck this coming weekend @low_light_craig even though there is'nt really a club in Doncaster any more, a few have tried and failed to get things going in the past and good old Clive Tatham is the local guru, he started The Doncaster Vw show a few years back and it's on this weekend, get yer sen down there and i'm sure you'll be welcomed :thumbsup:

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  5. I used to work in the early bath ,pub opposite the ground ...:thumbsup:
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  6. Excellent. Nothing has changed down there since I've been going from 2005 apart from Cas actually having a good season.
  7. Not on facebook
  8. Well if you r around casvagas then u r cool cos that's my batman.. if u see a green bus it's me..we could make a club if enough of us or tagg ont Hanover...darn text need a beer.
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    Barnsley vdubbers are a great bunch of folk very much into raising money for charity. Meet at the post office public house which is just a couple of junctions down the M1 for me. I've been a few times but as I am Wakefield West Yorkshire and they are generally from far side of Sheffield South yorks I don't know any of them personally .
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